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The situation on the Forex market on 1.05.2019

Portal Forex trader 30.04.2019 at 21:25

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Hello. Congratulations to all on May 1! And the start of a long weekend. But trade does not stop and let's see what you should pay attention when trading in the Forex market tomorrow 1.05.2019.


On AUDUSD stopped on punched earlier level 0,7065 and formed a pattern Doji. Probably will finish the correction and try to develop the down trend continuing to fall. Especially in statistics deals good advantage of buyers. Look here to sales.

the Fundamental news APR KOSPI — 0,58%, Shanghai Composite + 0.52 percent, the Shenzhen Composite + 0,68%, Hang Seng — 0.65 percent of Japan's stock Exchange closed for 10 days S&P/ASX200 -0,53%

the Fall in business activity in the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sector of China has brought down on Tuesday, the course of stock indices of Korea, Hong Kong and Australia. Stock exchanges in mainland China ignored the negative and grew on the assurances of management of the country about the positive outcome of the negotiations with the American delegation.

Today closed sites of Japan, China, Singapore and Korea in connection with the celebration of labor day. The countries of the Pacific region published statistics:

Australia: index of manufacturing activity in New Zealand employment and unemployment, the US NASDAQ is 0.81%, the S&P 500 + 0,095%, Dow Jones + 0.15% of

the Session on Tuesday U.S. markets were woven from contradictory economic data indicators and financial reports. The NASDAQ dropped after a disastrous statistics Google, Google profit fell by 30% in the first quarter. At the end of trading the stock indicator finished off the report to Apple, the company reduced revenues by 5%.

the President of the United States Donald trump publicly read out a private lawsuit filed against banks

Also indexes did not give rise to a new scandal involving the President. Congressmen started a new investigation and try to obtain information about the movement of funds on accounts of companies. Donald trump on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against Deutsche Bank and other banks, seeking ban on the issuance of financial information.

the Negativity leveled stats about strengthening consumer confidence in the economy higher than the forecast of analysts, the net profit of GE, Pfizer, ConocoPhillips.

the Main news afternoon rate announcement and press conference from fed officials, up to this point will also be relevant indicators:

16-45 – 17-00 PMI, US – employment in the U.S. manufacturing sector and PMI from ISM 17-30 – State and commercial reserves of oil the US 21-00 – Decision on interest rates at the FOMC meeting 21-30 – Press conference by the fed 23-15 – speech of the Head of the Bank of Canada, the Eurozone, the FTSE is 0.3% DAX +0.13% for the CAC40 +0,1%

Eurozone Investors left for the holidays in shopping bidders were encouraged by the statistics on unemployment and GDP growth, the recession of Italy, the acceleration in the growth of the French economy. The outsiders – the United Kingdom, where the government was unable by the deadline to negotiate with the opposition on Prexit. The lack of any information for two of the past after an emergency summit of the week talks about the power crisis.

stock Exchanges of Germany and France closed, so the news will be released only in the UK:

9: 00 am – the Index of housing prices 11-30 – PMI in the manufacturing sector

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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