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News. Jamie Dornan, who played in the film "50 shades of grey", suffered from alcoholism

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 02.05.2019 at 10:11

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Worldwide fame to the actor Jamie Dornan came after the release of the tape "50 shades of grey". Handsome and charismatic pretty boy captivated fans around the world. Behind the fame was followed by lucrative endorsement contracts. Today, Jamie young, handsome, rich and successful. With this stardom, the man does not suffer. He understands befallen him fame and continues with the same zeal to work further. The press are aware that immediately after the first big paycheck, the actor began to cooperate with the Fund in providing support to people suffering from pancreatic cancer. The problem Jamie is no stranger. From cancer his mom died. It happened when Dornan was 16 years old. He told reporters that in this period remained actually. Gradually, the depression consumed him. Friends tried to support youth morally. Soon, however, all four were in a car accident and did not survive. It finally crippled Dornan, he was addicted to alcohol. Sometimes, in rare periods between the libations he was trying to get a job and were often refused. Once directly during the interview with the employer Jamie suddenly told about all the mishaps. Head have this story and noted that the young man should be treated from alcoholism and depression and only after try to rebuild their lives. The words of a stranger fell into the right grounds. Jamie lay in an institution, he gradually managed to recover. Sister of actor insisted that he is after his recovery, sent a questionnaire to the model show. It was here that he was noticed by the film producers. So, Dornan hit the set of the TV series "Crash", and just a few years, got the star role.

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