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News. Director Gufa accused of setting fire to the house singer for his former lover Yan Shevtsov

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 02.05.2019 at 14:33

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A Few days ago with a country house of rapper Guf was a misfortune - it was partially burned down. Of course, what happened was very upset famous artist, because in this cottage before parting he spent a lot of time with the Kathy Topuria. However, no official statements of the musician do not. But the Director Gufa was less restrained and accused of the arson of his former lover Jan Shevtsov. House in Moscow region the singer purchased a few years ago. And all this time he was continuously engaged in its improvement. It is known that recently the cottage was completed extensive repairs, after which Alexey Dolmatov (it's real name Gufa) planned to build a full-fledged music Studio. Unfortunately, in the near future these plans will not come true, because the building was badly damaged in a fire that, as it turned out, began on the neighbouring plot, and quickly spread to the housing of the singer. And after a couple of days after the events in an interview with "StarHit" the former lover Gufa Yana Shevtsova said that she phoned the Director of rapper and accused of arson. The girl even provided an audiotape on which through continuous abusive men can be dismantled the following words: "all Burned, that is acquired back-breaking labor. Did you burn because you are. All suffered when you were there," said an angry Edgar. Samuel Jan, looks like such a big accusation not at all frightened. Moreover, Shevtsova react to such an emotional outburst with understanding: "my Body three days ago had a fight, so I thought. But I had nothing to do with it". Also the former participant of "House-2" said that they with the Body for a long time already settled our differences and personally, it claims it has. Recall that the known relationship of the rapper and a simple provincial girl from Ekaterinburg has appeared to many fans as a complete surprise. Moreover, while Alex was in a relationship with the soloist of group "A-Studio" Keti Topuria a, who, after learning about the infidelity of a beloved man, immediately gathered his things, just out of the burnt house in Aprelevka and went home. And soon all serious scandal when she was accused Gufa in forced intimacy. In turn, the musician denies affair with Shevtsova and never commented on this story. Now all his forces are aimed at restoring the victims of the fire apartment.

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