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News. The picture in the house Vodianova was for members the subject of intense discussion

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 03.05.2019 at 08:19

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May 2 the son of Natalia Vodianova was 5 years old. Model touching congratulated him on his birthday by posting several photos with the boy. One photo of Natalia kissing her son when they travel in the car. On the other, the Maxim sitting at the Banquet table in the living room, decorated with balloons. However, subscribers are not interested in it. The subject of intense discussion followers has become a huge painting hanging in the house of Natalia. It depicts turned his back to the viewer, naked to the waist couple, looking up. Dissatisfied subscribers immediately noted that decorate similar decor items a home where there are small children – this is unacceptable. They called the painting vulgar and noted that with its tolerance Europe has gone too far. Negatively-minded users are convinced that these paintings no relation to art did not have. "A poster with naked people in the "subject", "A picture with you, many will agree, it's just ....!", "So I think that this picture is vulgar Nude". Supporters Vodianova felt that nothing reprehensible in the work of art no. It is not in the nursery and in the living room. In addition to spin people can not see anything. The arguments of opponents that the picture may somehow affect the psyche of the boy, they found the folly and chicanery. Defenders of the model of the interior of the living room very much. Natalie in discussions did not participate and comments dissatisfied not answered.

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