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Wedding and family photographer 29.04.2019 at 11:22

Michael noses

Business profile is gaining popularity. Talk about how to do it most efficiently.

1. Closet

For a formal business portrait, dress as for a meeting with your most important clients or colleagues.

Dark suits look more formal than suits in light shades. Monotone suit or suit with thin stripes will provide greater flexibility and relevance to your image.

2 Accessories

a Bright tie or shiny jewelry to distract eyes from your face. Use only stylish and practical and accessories. On the wrist or cuff links would be sufficient.

3 Parts

Is a more complete status details – vehicle, laptop, briefcase, organizer.

But remember that all necessary measure, and these attributes are only part of the image, not its center.

4 Posing

Fit both open and closed postures – arms can be positioned in the pockets, the sides of the jacket, in the standing position look good crossed legs. Your look should Express your confidence. Watch for posture – no slouching!

5 Look

Perhaps one of the decisive moments photography business (and not only!). Will have a look BEHIND the camera, just above the horizon. Or take the side of the lens (without dropping down). He expresses calmness, concentration and confidence.

Without volitional view the whole image will fall apart like a house of cards.

I'm Sure these tips will help you get the best result of your business photo shoot.

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