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Attitude toward loyalty programs are changing and customers, and banks. How market participants are going to play with kasbekar and bonuses and will benefit from this are the card holders?

the Russians are rethinking their attitude to kesbeke. A priority model for customers now — "save and earn", found in the Bank "Russian Standard". According to them, 17% of cardholders up, cashback for at least three months, and then spend. "A few years ago the most popular in the population model was "to save here and now" — customers receive discounts and bonuses when you purchase", — says the Vice-President of holding "Russian Standard" Eldar bikmayev. Experts also complain about the growing appetites of consumers. "A few years ago 1% of kesbeke was considered to be the market, now there are players that give 4-5 times more. This problem and the risk, the market is overheated," says head of affiliate programs Tinkoff Bank Alexander Bro. In these conditions, many lending institutions transformerait loyalty program.

the Craving for major brands and narrow segments

Globally there are two strategies followed by banks when building loyalty programs. First — focus on a certain niche of customers. It may be motorists, businessmen and even farmers. "Among the niche categories are popular trips and cars, from the relatively new, you can allocate programs for gamers and pensioners", — said the Director of Department of retail products ICD Alexei Korsin.

Maps for fans of computer games, for example, is in the lines of Alfa-Bank, Post Bank and Tinkoff Bank. Moscow Credit Bank offers its customers povyshennyi, cashback for buying games. With regard to products for pensioners, such proposals over the last six months updated PSB, MKB Bank, OTP Bank, Tavrichesky and Kranbank.

the Second strategy is to capture new audiences through cooperation with major brands. Banks are going beyond the standard partnership and providing bonuses to customers of certain companies. In the fashion of a full-fledged co-branded products.

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for Example, last week on a partnership in the production of cards declared Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff Bank and Yandex. Co-branded card "Yandex.Plus" provide for the summation of kesbeke and bonuses that provide IT company and a Bank. Representatives of credit organizations made no secret that an Alliance with the "Yandex" will allow them to increase the production of credit and debit cards at the expense of audience service. Tinkoff Bank, in particular, is expected before the end of the year to produce up to 100 thousand cards "Yandex.Plus". With the beginning of the year joint solutions the market offered VTB and "M. Video", "Renaissance Credit" and "Beeline".

"In most cases the loyalty programs of banks adapted to new customers, current products less is improve the basic conditions of the bonus program", — said the expert on banking products Marina Verbitskaya. It turns out that the extension co-branding programs, the user wins.

the Trend in the coalition format will continue to evolve, says Korzin. He, however, believes that alliances with IT companies and retailers are helping banks to expand its client base. "The new co-branded products continue to appear on the market, but usually are popular in a narrow segment of customers," — said a top Manager of the ICD.

the fashion flexibility

Most major banks already offer their customers to choose what kind to obtain compensation for spending on the card — money, points or miles. The idea to spend points on "Thank you" something else came even Sberbank last year, customers have the option to convert your points into rubles and miles "Aeroflot".

the Next step is the seamless exchange of different types of bonuses. The decision in the third quarter, intends to offer VTB. The state Bank will launch a single loyalty program, announced recently at a press conference the Deputy Chairman of the management Board of VTB Bank Anatoly Pechatnikov. We are talking about converting bonuses at any time. "For example, on the purchase of any product from the catalog a new loyalty program for the client to spend not only bonuses as it was before, but a mile or cashback. If the customer has several bonus accounts, to pay he can, using all of them," said Pechatnikov. He, however, pointed out that the exchange rate is not 1:1.

This option can seriously motivate customers, says General Director of "Biznesprom" Pavel Samiev. He does not exclude that many banks can change their loyalty program in the direction of variation.

the Inverse conversion and conversion bonus miles will be of interest to clients only in the case that the exchange rate will be beneficial, says Verbitskaya.

the Flexible loyalty programs is evident not only in the types of rewards. Standard practice now is to give customers the right to choose and change the categories of expenses which will be accrued higher cashback. This approach, for example, use Tinkoff Bank and Promsvyazbank.

not all the players are now ready to bet on variation, emphasizes Alexey Korzin. Agrees with him head of debit cards and loyalty programs home Loan Bank Georgy Sorokin. "For the client, the simpler the program the better: bought, received, cashback. The user will be more difficult to understand the loyalty programs, to give more variety and to confuse customer conversions," — said the banker.

According to samieva, the development of loyalty programs, banks do not look at the customer as the cardholder. They are interested not only in the growth of activity on card transactions, but also in selling the consumer its other products. This will "extend" the loyalty program, continues the thought, won two awards senior managing Director of Sovcombank Andrey Spivakov. "Ahead we are waiting for best long term loyalty programs for years. The longer a client will remain with the Bank, the more substantial, additional important or reward he will receive," he said.

"Ceiling" costs

the Development of loyalty programs inevitably depends on the cost estimate. According to bankers, the spending to win the allegiance of the customers is only growing. So, Sberbank last year spent on the program "Thank you" about 25 billion rubles, recognized Herman Gref. The head of the credit organization even called it a loss, but then corrected himself: this is the amount of funding, and the program Bank is beneficial because it increases loyalty.

of course, we Can assume that Sberbank as the biggest Bank in the country is spent on the "buns" for cardholders. But famous players, which offer double-digit, cashback and much more impressive bonuses. So this parameter can be other leaders.

the cost of loyalty programs is, indeed, approaching the "ceiling", said Alexander Bro. "Any negative fluctuations in the amount of interchange and associated committees can break the whole system," — said the representative of Tinkoff Bank.

the Topic of too high a fee for non-cash payments in February raised the President. Vladimir Putin called acquiring rates "casinoroom" and demanded to deal with the problem. The statement led to a series of meetings between the Central Bank, bankers, FAS and retailers. While there is only a proposal to fix the rates for cashless purchase of socially important goods, cars and real estate.

If acquiring rates will be reduced, this is primarily reflected in the loyalty programs, according to the head of transactional products Raiffeisenbank Ksenia Andreeva. The parameters of the bonus programs have a direct relationship with the Commission income of banks, agrees Korsin. However, he is not prepared to evaluate the effect of such changes — specific solutions for acquiring rates is still pending. In the end, lose a client, sums up Alexander Bro. Despite the claims of bankers, the credit institution is not in a hurry to cut the loyalty program.

Saving bonuses was felt for a long time, says Marina Verbitskaya. "Some lenders reduce maximum payments for certain categories, limit the amount of purchases in categories with a high kasbekar and eliminate popular MSS-codes" — lists expert on banking products

Although client requests are rising, that doesn't always mean a proportional increase in costs of banks, says Alex Korsin. Until players rescue external partners and prospects of development of remote services.