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Five cities that are worth a visit during the may holidays themes of the day 01.05.2019 at 21:03

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In Russia so many amazing places, but you can never go there, even if you live relatively close. offers five options for those who like a lean and short trip.


This route is not very popular among tourists who prefer nearby Kolomna and Ryazan. Meanwhile in this town is the real Kremlin, built in the XVI century. It is considered to be the smallest in Russia, but perfectly preserved. The Zaraysk mentioned in the Chronicles of the XII century. The city was repeatedly subjected to raids of the Tatars, it was visited by the troops of false Dmitry. According to legend, is buried here Russian Bogatyr yevpaty Kolovrat. Dmitry Pozharsky was here by the Governor. The city has many monuments of XVIII—XIX centuries, churches and merchant houses, and there is historical, archaeological and art Museum.

What to watch:

the Kremlin, Gostini Dvor and Church of the Trinity; the dam on the Sturgeon river; the estate-Museum of Dostoevsky in the village of Darovoe.

Where to stay and dine

Hotels in Zaraysk little, so may have to look for options, for example, in Lukhovitsy. A double room costs from 1,5 thousand rubles. Prices in the cafe are quite affordable, although there are several restaurants (including Japanese cuisine). Business lunch for two will cost 500-600 rubles.


a Charming town in the Vladimir region with the population of about 20 thousand people, founded in the XII century by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky. The historic centre rekonstruiruet. There is a temple of the XIII century, the monastery, the remains of earthworks and chamber of Commerce. In the XVII century the town was burnt by the poles. Here was filmed "Golden calf". Nearby Pereslavl-Zalessky, Alexandrov and Suzdal.

What to watch:

the Archangel Michael monastery; St. George's Cathedral; remains of ramparts of the Yuryev-Polish the Kremlin.

Where to stay and dine

the city's several hotels, including downtown. A double room will manage in 1,5 thousand roubles. In some hotels you will be offered Breakfast. At a local cafe average check of 600 rubles, but you can find more budget option is the dining room.


On the way to the homeland of Ilya Muromtsa is possible to call in the Goose-Crystal to admire the wonders of the Museum of crystal them. Maltsov. However, this city is not as old as Moore, which is mentioned in the Scandinavian sagas and the "tale of bygone years". In Murom many merchant houses, wooden buildings, museums and, of course, a monument to Ilya Muromets. According to legend, the hero was born in these places (the village of Karacharovo), although according to some versions of the etymology of the word "Moore" goes back to the Finno-Ugric tribe. In Murom are the epic contests, festivals, crafts, and even only here you can buy vintage muromskiy Kalach.

What to watch:

the monastery of the Transfiguration; Holy Trinity monastery; Epic stone; Murom historical and cultural Museum; Theatre-Museum of Ilya Muromets.

Where to stay and dine

In Murom are a lot of hotels, you can rent an apartment or stay in a private apartment. Prices start from 1.2 thousand. For the money it is possible to remove family room with bath or shower. Considering the numerous tourists to the city a lot of restaurants and cafes. To eat in provincial cafes for two costs about 1 thousand rubles.


is Located in the Yaroslavl region. A great option to visit the Volga and along the road to see the old Russian city of Uglich, where they were slaughtered Tsarevich Dmitry. You can also wrap in Kalyazin to see the flooded belfry of St. Nicholas Cathedral. According to legend, the name Myshkin gave the Prince Fyodor Mstislavsky, who lay down on the Bank to rest, but it woke up the mouse. It turned out that she saved him from the snake. It can be reached through the dam or by car ferry. The city has many smaller museums are great places for walking.

What to watch:

the Museum of the Mouse, Myshkin chamber; the Museum of vodka, Pyotr Smirnov; Myshkin folk Museum.

Where to stay and dine

With hotels full order, prices on average — 2-3 thousand for a double room, apartments will cost twice as much. The restaurant serves dishes of old Russian cuisine and craft beer, you can invest in the amount of 1.5 thousand rubles for two.


a Small resort town on the Volga in the Ivanovo region. Despite the remote location from the capital, here used to tourists. To go here is if you like the work of Levitan and Savrasov. For fishermen this is a real Mecca! The whole life of the town centred on the waterfront, but you can walk up and for the private sector — you will find many unexpected discoveries. Be sure to Pat the cat a Fly and sit on a bench with a "Cottager".

What to watch:

the mountain of the Levitan House-Museum of Levitan; Museum and exhibition complex "government Offices"; water excursion.

Where to stay and dine

In Plyos a lot of hotels and tiny hotels. If you are lucky, you can find accommodation for 1 thousand rubles, a room with a view on the Volga will cost several times more expensive. Average comfortable room in the hotel is worth 4 thousand rubles. On the promenade there are restaurants and cafes, but the prices are usually on the level of Moscow. But in the menu a lot of unique fish dishes. Be sure to try the local pastries with smoked fish — angles.

the Editors of the wishes all a great weekend!

As we thought. The cost of travel is estimated for two people in a car with one day stay at the hotel and visit a cafe or restaurant. To calculate the cost of fuel was taken with average 9 l / 100 km In the "package" of the traveler we have also included the cost of visiting local attractions. Of course, actual costs depend on individual preferences of tourists, shopping, and additional services (excursions, etc.).