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Cryptocurrencies are down after a hacker attack on Binance

Forex Club 08.05.2019 at 09:03

Main cryptocurrency on Wednesday reduced in price on the background of the attack on the stock exchange Binance 7 may. This crypto currency exchange has lost more than 41 million dollars in bitcoins, a digital currency withdrawal time is suspended and the platform began unscheduled maintenance.

After this event, the exchange rate of bitcoin at 11.30, according Libertex decreased day by 0.98% to 5823 dollars in capitalization to 104.2 billion. An additional negative factor for this cryptocurrency was the message that a leading manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain lowered the amount of computing power for mining bitcoin at 88%. Ethereum by this time has fallen in price for 4,76% - of 167.8 to the dollar with a market capitalization of $ 18.1 billion dollars. XRP weakened 1.32% - to 0,299 dollar, its market capitalization amounted to 12.6 billion dollars. Litecoin per day was cheaper by 4.08% and dropped to 72.9 dollar in the capitalization of $ 4.6 billion.

the Total capitalization of the stock market amounted to 185,1 billion.

According to financial scouts depreciation of kripalu may continue in the short term after another evidence of the vulnerability of digital marketplaces to hackers. Bitcoin may go down to 5750 dollars Ethereum to $ 165, XRP - to 0,29 dollar and Litecoin - to 72 dollars.

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