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Poll: 25% of travelers never leave reviews

Travel portal 10.05.2019 at 00:24

Travel News

The Service of the traveling tutu.Roux asked users the question: "if you Leave feedback after the journey." Answered it more than 1.5 thousand people. As it turned out, a quarter of respondents never talks about travel, flights, hotels, restaurants and other travel components. Negative experiences ready to share 12% of the tourists, another 9% will leave a review only if they receive some sort of reward or bonus.

As said the portal TRN in the company, more than half of respondents — 54% — are ready to tell about their trips on the Internet. 17% of travelers were the most responsible: they always write a review in which you describe the pros and cons of the trip. Almost 40% of respondents do not do it so regularly, but only occasionally.

"the Existence of reviews and evaluations for buyers tour is often the deciding factor when choosing a hotel to stay — sure Anastasia Stripling, head of the project "Tours" of the service of the traveling More than 70% of users gets tickets to hotels with formed on the basis of estimates of tourists rated "above average", that is, from seven on a scale. Evaluation of hotels "8+" is currently the most popular among our customers. As for the content of reviews, that 46% of users of when meeting with the information about the hotel necessarily looking blocks reviews and more than half of them when viewing reviews does not stop at the first few sentences and reveals their whole studying, sometimes the whole sheet of text."

Earlier asked train passengers what they communicate with their neighbors in the compartment and which topics are particularly well come under the sound of the wheels. Answered about 3 thousand respondents. It turned out that the vast majority of one way or otherwise communicate with the neighbors on the car, but not on all topics, and not all companions. To communicate with pleasant neighbours ready 45%, and 9% like not only to talk, but to treat fellow travelers with something tasty. About 30% do not want close contact and prefer to talk only better in short bursts. Not ready to talk for life had 18% of respondents to the question. The most popular topics were travel and stories about yourself, your family or friends. These two topics ready to discuss the 8% and 9% of respondents. 7% want to keep the conversation going about trivial things. Think about the meaning of life ready 3% of travelers. The least votes gained such topics as: politics, weather, religion, art, and, oddly enough, is money.