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Mitsubishi Outlander, 2013 Reviews 10.05.2019 at 06:24

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Purchased car of 2013 in February 2014 all wheel drive standard equipment (insite). The price was around 1050 million RUB took away from the cabin. When buying other cars do not monitor, there was no time, the need was in the previous body in a good package, he was pleased and a friend who's just bought, previously having traveled all the shops and break the Internet. Reviews written only a long period of running the car, to make it as objectively as possible. A total of 5 years and 88000 mileage. 0) Model was released in haste, without much improvement, cheap plastic interior. The lack of navigation lights, a lot of flaws in comparison with the previous model. For example not swung aboard the rear of the trunk. In the salon of purchase live cricket. The result was the release of reystaling, which is significantly different. 1. The 2 liter engine is not a beast of course, but a lot of stalling is fine, overtaking can get out. Pour Motul, Jora of butter. 2. The mileage is about 40000, the problems started with electronics, dipped beam switched on. A week before the end of warranty had to replace the generator and the control unit electronics. If not managed, all this would have got me 50 thousand rubles. 3. The car is huge, a real shed on wheels. The car as mentioned above immediately went to a pet cricket live, patched, enabled music. The interior soiled, the photo does not take off, because his children turned into a real barn will soon fix cleaning. The interior is comfortable, the buttons are all at your fingertips. What saved it is the buttons on the driver's door, the night wandering hand as under women's bra. Panel dermansky, covered in scratches thanks to the miracle babies 4...

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