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Which products are suitable for a snack? :.: Article 09.05.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Often throughout the day, especially the time between main meals, many of us have the feeling of fatigue and hunger. The question is, what to eat to quickly replenish energy and vitality in these moments is very relevant. Nutritionists suggest to pay attention for ten delicious and healthy food, perfect for a daytime snack. They offer us refreshments and get a charge of good mood, having: Apples. They are distinguished by high content of useful substances, among which of particular value are the vitamins and minerals as well as flavonoids and polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants. It is recommended to eat and apples, and cocktails made from Apple juice. You can cook mashed baked apples. It's not less tasty and healthy. Fruits will charge you with energy and cheer up. Photo: Depositphotos Bananas. Due to the high content in this product is potassium, it is extremely useful to normalize blood pressure and cardiac activity. In addition, the banana can improve mood and banish melancholy. Dark chocolate. For a snack this favorite sweet product is just perfect. It differs from other desserts that contain a lot of sugar and starch, which destroys vitamins, we really need in order to feel energetic and cheerful. However, to abuse the chocolate is not necessary. The recommended daily allowance of chocolate is just over 50 grams. This means that to eat at a time a tile is not worth it. Pumpkin seeds. Photo: Depositphotos, They are a storehouse of magnesium, iron and calcium, vitamins, including K, and proteins. Using them as a snack, you will ensure increased efficiency and mood. Click white seeds between meals, and hunger won't bother you. Carrots. It is rich in fiber that will help to satisfy even the strongest hunger. In addition you saturate your body with many nutrients and vitamins. Oatmeal. Nutritionists recommend this useful cereal as a snack. Moreover, it is perfect for Breakfast. It is not necessary to give preference to cereal, they are less useful. For the greater good it is advisable to use "Hercules" together with fruit pieces and cinnamon. Sugar refuse. Replace it with honey, if sweetness from the dried fruits you enough. Photo: Depositphotos Green salad. It contains easy-to-digest and quickly digestible substances beneficial to our health. Thanks to this snack you will provide your body with useful minerals and vitamins and get a good boost of energy. Pineapple. This fruit is quickly absorbed by the body. Because it contained the enzyme bromelain, it is good for digestion, cleanses the body from metabolic products. It is recommended to use it in food on an empty stomach, not combining with other products. Among other things, it has a pleasant taste and easily replace harmful dessert. Herbal tea (chamomile, mint, Linden, thyme, Melissa). Photo: Depositphotos Recommended to drink tea infused with useful herbs, between meals and before bedtime. Make sure that it does not contain caffeine. A break for tea will give you energy and strength. Dry figs. Sweet fleshy fruits are not only tasty and can substitute for harmful desserts. It has the property to purify the blood. Choose figs without sugar and other flavorings. He will give you strength and vitality, but it should not be overused because it contains a lot of sugar, eat only a few at a time stuff. Photo: Depositphotos should Not suffer from hunger and lack of energy, looking forward to your next meal. "Recharged" useful products, which not only gives energy, but also appreciate the pleasant taste. ...

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