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The effect is the opposite of the result

Zadolba!whether 10.05.2019 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I am quite responsible, especially in matters of contraception. But it so happened that the means of contraception have failed and torn, and not even helped pill emergency contraception — the test showed two strips.

I twenty-five year old girl, and we with my young man the children had not planned for at least another five years. I always thought that pregnancy should be planned in advance so the child was born healthy and grew up happy and loved. For me it is better not to have children than to condemn the innocent little man to suffer. So I decided on abortion, and here it turned out that in our country to make it not so easy!

the Free medicine I'm afraid, so I went to good private medical center. After all the research it was found that medical abortion for health reasons is contraindicated for me and mini-abortion it is better to do in the hospital, when complications arise (again, due to the physical characteristics of my body) it was possible to lie in the hospital.

I was given a referral to the clinic by place of residence, where I got to the doctor, a typical Soviet woman in years. I must say, I was not prepared for the fact that she will be with me to communicate. Hearing that I was going to terminate the pregnancy, she began to convince me to give birth, and her arguments were on the level of Bunny-lawns, and "God sent it, so you have to give birth".

by the unexpected invasion of my life, I was confused, crying, but still tried to explain to her the reasons for his decision to be treated by many factors, such as housing problems (its not removable), money problems (simply not enough to rent an apartment, and to feed us), health issues (antibiotics, hormonal emergency contraception, the use of alcohol because I didn't know about the pregnancy, the constant nervous and physical overload, as well as features of the structure of the uterus, in which hard to bear a child), and a simple unwillingness to be responsible!

of Course the doctor said it was all garbage, that our generation in the minds of crap and that I should reconsider. Said, that many people are trying to get pregnant for years and spend a lot of money on this, and I was lucky and I should give birth, even my child and there will be problems. Yes, I am genuinely sorry for such people, but at what here I?!

In the end, she sent me "change your mind" and told me to sign up for re-appointment as much as two weeks! Something told me that she's stalling so I don't have time to time and I had to give birth.

information Searching, I learned that doctors blamed for abortion, therefore she probably thinks about profit and not about the happiness of my family.

It's not even ridiculous, it shocked me!

first, she's not a psychologist, what she has a right to climb into my head and something to advise, especially to shout and cry? Yes, she can tell you about the consequences, but the decision is up to the parents, based on many factors, and not because the clock is ticking.

secondly penalize doctors for abortions — which is crazy because if it's not an isolated case and denied to many, there is a risk of clandestine abortions. The state is better for women to put themselves at great risk when interrupting the pregnancy is not clear where or trying to self-abort? Trying to complicate this procedure, you will not achieve increase the birth rate! You will achieve increased mortality.

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