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A fracture in the earth's crust: scientists have warned about the impending disaster

NEWS PLANET 10.05.2019 at 18:01

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João Duarte, a marine geologist together with his research group, found a rather large bundle, which appeared in the oceanic lithosphere off the coast of Portugal. The news was announced during a regular meeting of the European Union.

Experts have carefully analyzed data about the seismic activity in that region. They were interested in two major disasters that have occurred over the last few centuries. In 1755, the tremors were so strong, that completely destroyed Lisbon. Almost the same earthquake was recorded in 1969. Thanks to modern technology, scientists managed to establish that abnormal changes are occurring at a depth of 250 kilometers and affect the condition of some sections of lithospheric plates.

After summarizing the results, it was said that the old lithosphere has a huge number of layers that are subjected to serpentinization. This can be the main reason for the occurrence of stratification.

At this point scientists are going to publish the results of their research in scientific journals, which are available for inspection by any person.

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