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At the Venice Biennale the pavilion of Lithuania was recognized as the best

Radio Liberty 11.05.2019 at 14:55

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The award for best national pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale, which opened on Saturday, may 11, was awarded to Lithuania. "Golden lion" awarded to the performance "the sun and the sea (Marina)" on changes of climate due to human activities. Lithuanian exposition is an artificial beach where the campers sing, talking about their problems. Viewers can watch the picture from above, standing on the balcony. In the installation "the fatigue of the human body becomes a metaphor for the ravaged Land," reads the description on the project website, reports "German wave". "Sun and sea" – project Director Rugile Bargylia. The performance was first presented at the national gallery of art in Vilnius in 2017 and has been adapted for performance in Venice in English. It is difficult to create good artwork on the theme of global climate change, the publication ArtNet.News. However, the Lithuanian pavilion at the Venice Biennale was in this respect a notable exception, says the author of the publication of the best papers presented in these days in Venice. In the Lithuanian pavilion, put a thin nervous and tense performance, in which almost nothing happens except lazy pastime, leading, in the words of the critic-art critic Julia Halperin, "the end of the world", the article reads ArtNet.News. The best artist Biennale was an American film Director and cameraman Arthur Jaffa. He received the "Golden lion" for the film "the White album" about racism. This year, Germany the festival presents Natasha Sadr, Haigan, known for his sculptural works and video-art. The main theme of her work at the Biennale – migration and problems of migrants. At the German pavilion, the artist stands before the public under a pseudonym and the mask of papier-mache. Her head is a huge grey stone, which, by design Natasha Sadr, Hainan, Europe throws in refugees, fenced off from them.