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Classification of caesarean section according to Robson: how, who, why?

Question - answer - Legal advice 07.05.2019 at 11:46

Question - answer - Legal advice

The Ministry of health has written to the methodological guidelines on the implementation of the classification of cesarean section M. Robson, recommended by who (letter of the Ministry of health of Russia of February 19, 2019 No. 15-4/And/2-1286). To use the classification recommended to the heads of obstetrics and obstetric doctors in the hospitals. The use of this classification helps to identify groups of women who contribute most and least to the overall frequency of cesarean section, to evaluate the effectiveness of measures aimed at optimizing the use of cesarean section to assess the quality of medical care by analyzing results of delivery in these groups. The ultimate goal of this research and field work to reduce the number of unjustified caesarean sections (so in 2017 in Russia, the frequency of abdominal delivery has reached to 29.3%). The Robson classification provides for the assignment of a specific case of delivery to one of the 10 proposed categories. In the letter are descriptions of the categories and answers to frequently asked questions that arise when classifying women.