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Forex technical analysis on 8.05.2019

Portal Forex trader 07.05.2019 at 21:11

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Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 8.05.2019


On the EURUSD price stopped in the 1,12000 and formed a pattern Doji. The situation, as the pattern is not unique. You may still finish the correction and continue the trend down, with an attempt to support line of 1.1100. I will monitor the situation and look at the sales. To buy while not look for signals, because they are against the trend.


On USDCHF once again failed to pass the level 1,0200 and formed a pattern Doji. It seems that are worth waiting for sale. But already confused by the huge number of sellers in the statistics transactions. Which should contribute to good growth. Sale there is not yet considering buying will look on the breakdown of resistance.

the Fundamental news APR KOSPI — 0,88% S&P/ASX200 + 0.19 percent, Nikkei and 1.51%, Hang Seng + 0,87%, Shanghai Composite + 0.69 percent and the Shenzhen Composite + 1,62%

Chinese indexes managed to rebound on Tuesday, traders expect the visit of the Vice Premier of China will be able to change the decision made by Donald trump about putting 25% tariffs on imports. Other investors Asia Pacific do not share this optimism, market indicators are falling, except for exchanges of Australia, where the purchase of shares caused by the decision of the Central Bank not to change interest rates.

in the morning the focus of investors focused on news in terms of import/export and balance of trade. Along with them came the statistics for other countries:

Japan: the minutes of the meeting of the Bank of New Zealand interest rate Decision and press conference of the head RNBS

the US NASDAQ is 1.96%, the S&P500; is 1.65% Dow Jones — 1,79%

Us stock indices have significantly increased the speed of the fall on Tuesday, after the intention of the President of the United States to raise duties on Chinese imports, this Friday, officially confirmed the trade, the White House spokesman Robert Leitheiser. In the day when they will be restored, will arrive official delegation from Beijing. China is not going to cancel this visit, but dismissed the talks.

news on the countries of the New world will emerge from the second half of the day:

15-15 – Canada: the volume of construction of new homes 17-30 – oil Reserves in the US, the Eurozone, the CAC40 is at 1.6%, the FTSE is up 1.63%, DAX at 1.58%

European sites, as well as other stock exchanges of the world, came under pressure from the "Chinese news". Additional negative trading on Monday brought reports on the situation in the UK.

the Concerns BMW and Henkel reported a fall in net profit in the first quarter of this year.

the head of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of great Britain David Lidington has officially declared to Euronews about the country's participation in the elections of the European Parliament

Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of great Britain have reported unambiguous country's participation in the elections of the European Parliament. Thus David Lidington revealed the absence of a way out of the trap Brakcet, at least until the end of may.

in the morning and before lunch will be news for Europe and the final outcome of the EU:

8-45 – Switzerland: unemployment rate 9: 00 am – Germany: industrial production 10-30 – UK: index of housing prices 14-30 – the Speech of the ECB President and the publication of the minutes of the Committee meeting on monetary policy

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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