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Overview of Forex market in 10.05.2019

Portal Forex trader 09.05.2019 at 21:32

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Hello. Let's look at a few interesting points to trade in the Forex market on 10.05.2019


On GBPUSD stopped at the support level of 1,300, and formed a pattern Doji. Probably worth to wait for rebound and the resumption of growth, with the development of the up trend. Look here to purchase.


On NZDUSD has updated the lows , but continue nahodtsya above the level 0,65650. And formed a crooked inside bar. The trend is still downward and upward movement should be considered as correctional. As can be seen in the statistics of trades, gaining buyers and is likely to continue falling in the near time.


On the EURJPY stop at the support level 122,58 and pattern Doji. Probably a little eccorrections to the previously punched level and then continue falling. From shopping here abstain, move the price to the level a small.

the Fundamental news APR S&P/ASX 200 + 0,42% Hang Seng — 2,39%, Shanghai Composite — 1,48%, the Shenzhen Composite of 1.39% KOSPI — of 3.04% Nikkei — 0,93%

Good quotes about the markets of China from the collapse, tomorrow, the US imposes duties on imports from that country. The situation is not saved by the visit of the Vice Premier of China to Washington personally informed about this Donald trump giving a TV interview, where he blamed China for the failure of trade negotiations.

the outsiders of the auction – markets of South Korea falling as Nikkei because of missile tests in the DPRK. Growth is observed at Australian sites, they will benefit with the introduction of the American protective duties on raw materials from China.

the Morning light on the economic events that came out indicators by country:

Japan: index of consumption of households in Australia: report to the RBA on monetary policy in New Zealand: retail sales by contributions of the US NASDAQ is 0.41%, the S&P500; and 0.3% and the Dow Jones — 0,54% US President's Speech at a rally in Florida

American indexes on Thursday fell further after new statements of the President of the United States against China. Speaking at a rally in Florida in front of their supporters Donald trump has promised not to stop the increase in fees in the amount of $200 billion exports. The head of state said that the White House is preparing documents to impose another $325 billion of imported Chinese goods in the United States.

the Latest news this week will be:

15-30 – consumer price Index US 15-30 – unemployment rate, employment change, the volume of issued building permits Canada 19-00 – Report WASDE agricultural products 20-00 – Weekly change in the number drilling rigs United States Eurozone the DAX -1,69% CAC40 to 1.93% FTSE to 0.87%

In the absence of publications of economic news, the European drew attention to political events. The focus got an informal summit of EU heads of state, which was to develop a common position ahead of the elections of the European Council at the end of may. The meeting ended inconclusively – the final Declaration contains a standard statement about the unity and common interests, which paradoxically was not achieved.

Investors considered this a signal of strengthening of the influence of eurosceptics and populists, endangering the economic model of the EU.

In the first half of the day before lunch news:

9: 00 am – trade balance Germany 9-45 – Change of employment of the population of France 11-30 – GDP, trade balance and industrial output of great Britain

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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