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News. Presenter Danny Baker has lost her job for comparing child Meghan Markle chimpanzees

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 10.05.2019 at 09:03

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All the important events of the Royal family of great Britain are widely reported in the press. Attention network users, as well as residents of the state focused on them so much that sometimes approaches the absurd. Recently due to the hype surrounding the photos of a newborn baby Meghan Markle and Prince Harry leading the BBC in his Twitter published a humorous picture. It depicts a man and a woman, leading by the hand dressed in a coat, shoes and hat chimp. The Danny accompanied by the inscription: "the Royal baby leaves the hospital." Joke men were perceived by many with hostility. Netizens considered incorrect comparison of newborn chimpanzees. In the end, the presenter had to apologize to all the readers of Twitter, and those who have seen this publication in other networks and the media. Also the man removed the post from their own account. These measures have not helped. The leadership decided should sanction the dismissal of Danny. It was not the only consequence of an innocent joke leading. To his followers he said that now he is besieged by journalists and, judging by the questions, members of the media trying to convict him of racism. Harmless chimpanzee in the pictures they associate with the African-American origin, Meghan Markle and their guesses trying to pass off the thoughts and intentions of the Baker.

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