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News. Died journalist Sergei Dorenko

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 10.05.2019 at 09:41

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Yesterday, may 9 was the famous Russian journalist Sergei Dorenko. The man died in the 59th year of life. The cause of his death was cardiac arrest. The tragic incident happened on one of the roads of the capital at a time when Sergei ran the bike. According to witnesses, the vehicle was moving in its lane. Suddenly the bike took, and he began to fall sideways. After hitting the vehicle on the ground, the man flew several meters and fell down near the bumper. Arrived on the scene, the doctors pronounced him dead. To help the man they already could do nothing. Interestingly, the health problems Sergei Dorenko none of the friends did not complain. His death came as a surprise to most of his colleagues. My condolences expressed by: Tina Kandelaki, Andrey Razin, and guide the channels they had before the man cooperated. Recall that the famous Sergei did the program "Time". In the 90 years he was for 4 years was the permanent news anchor. After the user has trusted him with the author's project. In 2000-ies again changed the position of the leading in the chair of chief editor of "Russian news service". Five years ago he became a member of the team of the radio station "Moscow Says". In parallel, the man had been blogging on the network. He commented on significant events occurring in the world and in Russia. Leading without fear of prohibitions, telling the secrets of the projects in which he was presented as an invited guest. At the time of death, Sergei was married with Julia Slavinoj. The woman was younger journalist for 24 years. In marriage with her he had two children. Just as Sergei had 5 offspring. With two daughters from a previous wife, he did not communicate. The reason for such a relationship was the resentment of the girls at the departure of the men from the family. But the only son of a relationship with my father supported.

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