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News. Fans of Ivan Urgant criticized appearance of his wife

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 10.05.2019 at 10:00

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The Famous showman and TV presenter Ivan Urgant prefers not to make public display of their privacy. Recently, however, he gave occasion for discussion, having made out with his wife Natalia Kiknadze. By this action he caused a storm of emotions among their fans, who actively began to discuss the appearance of his wife. Many thought that she looks insufficiently effectively and significantly loses their star husband. There were even those who called a woman a "jerk". Despite such sharp criticism, Ivan Urgant absolutely happy. Natalia Kiknadze is not his first wife, however, she's married too, not for the first time. The pair know each other from school, but while studying they are in no way expressed sympathy to each other. Ivan and Natalia have entered into a relationship much later. By the time Urgant had time to marry twice, Natalia, too, had been married, from a previous marriage she had two children. When young people once again was divorced, there was a fatal meeting. The couple are happy together for many years, in addition to the children of his wife, which Ivan took as their own, they had two more daughters. On unflattering comments about the appearance of his wife, which allegedly loses much of his own, prefers not to respond.

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