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News. Malakhov condemned the model of Dianov, who took the picture in the area of veterans

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 10.05.2019 at 11:47

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In celebration of the victory over the Nazis instagram stars and ordinary people was supplemented by photos taken during the parade. Some of them caused sincere indignation of users. People didn't like selfie glamour girls, captured on the red Square in the area where allowed to sit the veterans. This unpleasant moment is noted not only simple inhabitants, but also representatives of the star elite. One of those who decided to support the wave of popular anger and betray this fact public, was Andrey Malakhov. Personally he didn't like photos of Leah Dianabol with a friend. On the photo girls in bright clothes with caps in hands pose in front of the lined up military. Girls were not dressed provocatively and behave in a modest measure. However, Andrew was genuinely puzzled, for what good things the owner of the capital beauty and her friend were in a special zone. "Really did make the veterans?" – said Malakhov. Not all subscribers Andrew was supported by his anger. Some felt that girls nothing wrong did not. And once veterans every year becomes less, even if beauty delight the eye of the audience. Recall that the log-in area on the red Square at the time of the parade is only possible by special invitation only. Much to the surprise of users, this year this privilege boasted several stars of instagram. The profiles of these girls abound in Topless photos taken on expensive resorts. For what merits before the Motherland they were invited and what good is done for the benefit of society, is unknown.

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