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News. Sobchak paid Suppurative 250 thousand rubles for the interview

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 10.05.2019 at 18:35

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Channel Ksenia Sobchak released the next issue of the author's project. The main character this time was the Glory of the Communist party, better known to users as the rapper Purulent. Ksenia already tried openly to talk to him when he took issue with Amiran by Sardarova, however, the young man sharply replied that interviews for free, he does not give anyone. Ksenia immediately asked how much Glory wants to get the opportunity to talk to him and was greatly surprised. The amount of Purulent announced large – 250 thousand rubles. As it turned out, Sobchak agreed. This time the interview, she took the train. The moment when she passed the money to the young man who was captured on camera. Sobchak admits openly that this is happening in her life for the first time. Prior to that, she never paid the men for the opportunity to just chat. Glory retorted that in Japan this practice is the norm. In the land of the rising sun, ordinary people are willing to shell out big money to spend time in spiritual conversation. Interestingly, usually asking pointed questions Sobchak this time was silent. Obviously affected by its distance from the topic of the underground subculture. From poignant interview transfer turned in the benefit of Fame. Incidentally, he revealed from an unexpected quarter. Ksenia young man spoke without his characteristic sarcasm, mockery and other jokes.

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