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Documents about the great Patriotic war - all - popular 12.05.2019 at 15:07 80 years on the Internet


for his Amazing tupizne post hanging on the shelf. Someone catapulted information about private archives, some "wow" and the local hamster, including local expert Anubisa, immediately rushed to judge and say that the government have never and did not open. Looking closely, it became clear that we are talking about the great Patriotic war. The apotheosis of insanity was the question "where is it everything is".

so misleading: the bulk of documents on the great Patriotic war is in the archives of the Ministry of defense at Podolsk, Kirova street 74. By law, everyone is eligible to enroll in the reading room and is free to study the documents during the month. Further work will have to pay, as does the aforementioned historian Igor Ievlev. However, I can say in my experience that usually month to work on one topic more than enough. Also you can come back and request a registration card for your relative, if he was an officer or instructor. This record does not need. Get the same day. To sergeants and privates out there cards, unfortunately, no.

Many of the documents there have already been digitized and posted on all websites "OBD memorial" (loss of personnel) and "feat of the people" (the awards). Next we are told that "Until now, open access is not a consolidated work on the operations of the red army during the war with maps app". It's a lie. Documents parts (the war diary, orders, maps) can be found on the website "memory of the nation".

Also interested in the history of their country can recommend State archive of the Russian Federation, access is generally free and there are also documents relating to the war.

PS judging by sprinkle cons, someone really doesn't want people to know my story

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