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#dangerprone: how to avoid overpaying for banking products themes of the day 07.05.2019 at 21:02

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SMS about write-offs for a Bank service, which you are connected, is often not the most pleasant situation. What is the fee banks can charge and how to avoid unnecessary spending?

Fee for service

generally, all credit institutions have basic packages which include a service card account, SMS notification. Ensure favourable pravoslavii (such as preferential service for a specific period), you knew about how much it costs each of the services.

Transaction Commission

On the Bank's website can easily find information about standard fees for transferring from card to card. To reduce these costs, use alternative services such as quick payments. Until the end of may translations for it will be free, but even after promoperiod of fee can be lower than standard translations.

the Fee for individual services

the Approaches of banks to fees for individual services may vary: make sure that your Bank takes no Commission for the TEXTS you sent, or for transactions which were not.

the Restrictive Commission

Banks seek to limit the use of cash in the branches because it is associated with additional costs for credit institutions and is becoming increasingly popular among customers. So many have fee for cash transactions at branches in the amount of 100 thousand rubles. To pay when depositing funds to the account, transfers or other cash transactions the use of ATMs.

How to avoid unnecessary expenses

1. Analyze restrictions on operations. Together with can hide limits on the number or amount of transactions. Better double-check this when opening an account.

2. If the Bank product you do not need close it. If you do not use the card or account for more than six months or a year, you may face fees for failure to use — in this case it is better to close unnecessary product.

3 . Pay attention to all of the terms of service. The Commission may begin with a specific period (e.g., second year), and free service packages can be tied to certain conditions (account balances, the size of the expenditure) — if conditions change, the fee begins to apply.

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Thanks for the help in preparing the material of the head of the office of non-credit products Raiffeisenbank Maxim Stepochkin.