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A former employee of NASA said that the Earth was flat: this statement may be true

NEWS PLANET 12.05.2019 at 15:26

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Matthew Boylan, who previously worked at NASA, has made a sensational confession: actually the Earth is flat, not spherical. He added that one of his responsibilities was the creation of false images, which the Earth would be round. If you believe his words, humanity is living on a perfectly flat surface on top that is served with a special dome.

every year the number of supporters of the theory of a flat Earth increases. Many may say that this is nonsense, but there are some facts that can prove otherwise.

Matthew Boylan. Photo:

the Aircraft do not change altitude during the flight and move only in a straight line. If the Earth would be round, then they would have to go around a circle at different altitudes.

During construction, no one considers the magnitude of the curvature of the Earth. Such values do not exist. When you launch artillery shells, then added only "amendment to the wind". On all pictures of outer space fifty years ago, the horizon perfectly flat. Photo obtained from the moon on our planet have different views. The land has a different appearance and sizes, which is very similar to not the and drawn a picture.

So it is possible that all photos can be nothing more than a carefully planned fraud, and in fact humanity lives on a flat Earth.

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