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“United Russia” held an action of memory #MoyGeroy22

IA "My Altai" 13.05.2019 at 06:24

Information portal Altai Krai and Altai Republic

The Participants reminisced about their relatives and acquaintances who participated in the great Patriotic war, in social networks with the hashtags: #MoyGeroy22, #Geographythe, #may 9 #Malikabad.

the flash mob was attended by deputies of the State Duma from Altai region, deputies AKZS, Barnaul city Duma. So, Natalia Kuvshinova posted a video where he spoke about his grandmother Praskovia Matveevna Kuvshinovo.

— Baba Pasha was 17 when she and dozens of young boys and girls from the city of Sudzha in Kursk region was put into trains and taken away. She was 17 when she was brought to the sorting camp where the Germans as merchants chose the workers, who will work at the plant, who in camp, who at the factory. She was 17 when she arrived in Pedersen — the city where she worked in a factory for the manufacture of tiles. The girls worked for 14-18 hours. And when strength was gone, there was health when he was a few days before to sent to the crematorium, a miracle happened. A typical German woman was rescued by the Russian girl.

For these five years happened many miracles that allowed in August of ' 45, the grandmother to return home. My grandmother is an example for me. An example of valour, fortitude, kindness and humanity, — said Natalia Kuvshinova.

the Deputy of the Barnaul Duma Marina Ponkrashev told about his grandfather Ivan Anikeevich Ermolenko.

— War met ordinary, and graduated from the senior Lieutenant. Was a tanker. Fought as part of Voronezh front, and later, in 1943 renamed to the 1st Ukrainian front. A member of the famous tank battle at Prokhorovka 12 July 1943. In the composition of the 1st Ukrainian front, Ivan Anikeevich participated in the Prague and the Berlin offensive operations, freeing Europe from the German fascist invaders, writes Ponkrashev. — April 22, 1944 during the battle with the enemy, trying to break out of the encirclement in the area of Asendorf-Petershagen, together with the regiment managed to defeat five enemy counterattacks were destroyed six armoured personnel carriers and up to 80 soldiers and officers of the enemy. As a result, the enemy force completely destroyed, and cut off from combat units our rear had the opportunity to move forward. During this battle, Ivan Anikeevich was forced to personally lead the attack and the infantry. Thanks to the skillful management by the crew the task was fulfilled with honor. During this battle, Ivan Anikeevich was awarded the order of Patriotic war I degree. Two orders of the red Star, the medal "For military merit", "For liberation of Prague", "For capture of Berlin", "For victory in the great Patriotic war over Germany" — that's just a partial list of military decorations of my grandfather.

the Inhabitants of the Altai territory has placed more than 140 stories about the heroes of world war II in social networks. More than 4,000 ribbons and 1000 stickers on cars with symbolics of the action #MoyGeroy22 distributed to the volunteers of the "Young Guard of United Russia" in Barnaul.