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PJSC "Kuznetsov" took place the solemn events dedicated to the great Victory

Samara - 10.05.2019 at 07:40

Urban site of the city of Samara

May 7 and 8 at the sites of JSC "Kuznetsov" took place solemn events dedicated to Victory Day. For participants of the great Patriotic war and home front workers who worked at the engine manufacturing plant in the war and postwar years, organized a bus tour of the plant and a gala concert with the laying flowers to the Eternal flame.

every year on the eve of 9 may, the veterans and workers of the main areas of PJSC "Kuznetsov" going on the premises at the monument "the Motor wartime veterans and labor veterans of 1941-1945", to lay flowers and to remember the heroic feat of those who worked for security and defense purposes of the country. The eternal flame was lit at a memorial group in 1985, giving rise to the tradition of the meeting of different generations of workers in the Victory Day.

the Council of veterans of JSC "Kuznetsov" currently includes 108 participants of war and workers of rear, 67 of them came on the factory site, which gave many years of his life. For a well-deserved "Kuznetsova" was given a tour of the plant, which is currently building new facilities in the framework of the Federal target programs. The veterans saw constructed and renovated housing, new equipment awaiting installation.

the Cycle of the memorial events dedicated to Victory Day, was continued on may 8 at the site of pilot production of JSC "Kuznetsov" in the village Management, where the Stele of memory held a solemn meeting and a concert with the participation of the factory of youth. The huge archive of work has been done in the OP "Administrative" to the Victory Day, employees of the company were able to recover the names of several of the plant employees killed on the front and not included in the official timeline. The names of these people added to the memorial stele "Kuznetsova".

Turning to the veterans, Deputy General Director – managing Director of JSC "Kuznetsov" Alexey Sobolev thanked them for combat and labor achievements in the years of the great Patriotic war and the postwar restoration of the economy destroyed the country. "You forged victory in the rear, making the plant the largest engine-building enterprise of the country. It was not easy and the postwar period, when the development of production of rocket engines and brand products "NC" demanded from the workers to the concentration of all forces. Your attitude to work and the unconditional fulfillment of production targets — a model for the current generation of employees, for all of us. Now objectives are no less ambitious: the development of new products, the growth of production, new areas of work. And run them we will be, equal to you."

At the concert traditionally attended the cadet school №95, young representative of the worker's dynasty Leonid Polyakov read a poem plant poet Inna Fishbein "Eternal flame", the factory youth presented vocal and dance song – waltz "In the forest frontline". The final event was the laying of flowers to the Eternal flame.