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Cherish the ruble: the Russians have amassed five billion fines monitoring of the banking press 13.05.2019 at 05:10

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The Central Bank was not minted last year of the coin below the ruble. In 2018, the appeal was trivia for a total of about 6.6 billion rubles, follows from the data controller for the past year. In a press-service of the Bank of Russia, "Izvestia" reported that this is sufficient to ensure cash payments. Moreover, some of the coins remains in the hands of the people without going back into circulation. According to expert estimates, today the pockets of the citizens could settle up to 5 billion rubles a trifle.

Trivia enough

In 2018, follows from the data of the Bank of Russia in circulation were coins of one penny on 72.8 million, an inattentive – 288,5 million coins of 10 cents was the amount of just over 2.5 billion, and 50 cents – about 3.6 billion rubles. And in comparison with 2017 this figure has changed at the level of statistical error.

the Coins of one and five kopecks, the Central Bank was not minted in 2012. This was in 2013, reported the current head of the Association of banks of Russia Georgy Luntovsky, then held the post of first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank. He repeatedly, including in an interview with "Izvestia" said that the production of the little things below the par value of rouble is unprofitable. The Central Bank of Russia did not disclose the cost of coin production, however according to experts, it is several times the nominal value.

In 2018, was not minted already and other small coins to the ruble, follows from the comment of the press service of the regulator.

— released Into circulation enough coins to provide cash payments, — have informed "news" in a press-service.

because of low demand for the change is a logical step, says a senior analyst "BKS the Prime Minister" Sergey Suverov.

In practice, commercial enterprises have long made rounding at least until the ruble. In addition, a steadily growing number of non-cash payments. These circumstances reduce the need for cash of small details which only takes place in the wallets and pockets of people, he explained "Izvestia".

generally people simply warehoused house small coin, appeared in their hands, the expert added.

— a Certain amount of coins deposited in the hands of citizens and not recycled. In this regard, the Bank of Russia recommends credit institutions to work with customers to deliver the coins in the cash register of credit institutions that will contribute to their return to the circulation, — told in the press service of the Central Bank.

According to Sergei Suverov, in the pockets of Russians can settle an amount comparable to the two thirds of the in circulation of small coins. On this basis, in the hands of the population may be a trifle worth about 5 billion rubles. The rejection of the production of coins for the Central Bank turns savings of billions of rubles. The people dumping the little thing home, remove from the personal turnover a significant amount.

the Natural decline

In 2008, the Central Bank appealed to the state Duma, the Ministry of Finance and the national banking Council with a proposal to abandon coins in denominations of one and five cents. But the initiative did not support officials and legislators, noting that petty cash is accounted for in prices, especially for medicines, and rounding can be painful for socially vulnerable population words. In addition, rounding, considered representatives of legislative and Executive authorities, can accelerate inflation. Now the Bank is not going to abandon the treatment of small money.

the Presence in circulation of coins less than one ruble is necessary due to the fact that the prices of goods, including socially important, medicines, tariffs for services, the pensions of citizens, expressed in rubles and kopecks, — said the press service of the Bank of Russia.

In any case, according to experts, the number of coins in circulation will decrease and naturally.

the growth in the number of cashless payments will reduce the use of cash. In particular, we can talk about the decline in "small" money. Of course, it is more convenient to pay by card and not to "change" in change — says the chief analyst of PSB Bogdan Zvarich.

I Agree with my colleague and Sergey Suverov.

— reducing the number of small money in circulation will not occur due to the fact that people will take the coins. Is it necessary to spend the time and effort, and some banks require a fee for this transaction. Specially to withdraw from circulation the small change of the Central Bank is also unlikely to be. Therefore, most likely, the controller will simply stop or reduce the production of new small coins, — said the analyst.

What to do with the change?

If you have accumulated enough small money to buy, then you can experience the nervous system and relate them to the store. Of course, the cashier is unlikely to be happy, but the merchant shall be obliged to accept money of any denomination. Small money you can take to the Bank, but first we need to sort them at face value. The Bank can not refuse to receive this money, as to demand the fee for this transaction. In the Moscow region in some stores have special terminals to receive the cash stuff. The amount will be transferred to the Bank card or the payment for the phone. To give to charity. Many stores and restaurants have special boxes for receiving the money. Anna KALEDINA