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Green light monitoring of the banking press 13.05.2019 at 06:20

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The government approved the rules of subsidizing "green bonds". Subsidies the company will receive for reimbursement of expenses on payment of the coupon income on bonds issued within the framework of implementation of investment projects for implementation of best available technologies (BAT). Can be offset up to 70% of actually incurred costs for payment of the coupon, but if as part of the investment acquired Russian industrial equipment, up to 90 percent. The total cost of the bond issue must not exceed 30 billion rubles.

to participate in the support program can of the enterprise, placed after January 1, 2019 bonds under the investment project realized in the framework of eco-efficiency, pre-approved by the Ministry of industry and trade. Selected companies will be no more than twice a year. Subsidies they can get, if the implementation of the investment contributes to the reduction of emissions and discharges of highly toxic substances and substances with carcinogenic and mutagenic properties.

the company also should not be arrears of taxes and penalties, it should not be in the stage of reorganization or bankruptcy. Foreign and Russian companies, 50% stake of which is owned by foreign legal entities located on the territory of countries with a preferential tax regime or offshore, will not be able to get a subsidy.

the New support programme will cover more than seven thousand enterprises of industry and energy

After receiving funding under the placed bonds the company buys the equipment and starts to pay coupon income. The Ministry subsidizes the interest rate on its actual payments. "Subsidizing "green bonds" — additional incentive to implement an ambitious program of modernization and investment in fixed capital. A new support programme potentially covers more than seven thousand enterprises of industry and energy. The volume of the provided means for its implementation is 9.3 billion in 2019-2021 years", — said the Deputy head of the Ministry Vasily Osmakov.

In Russia there have been several issues of "green bonds". So, at the end of 2018, the company "Resource KHMAO" started the placement on the Moscow stock exchange release 1.1 million bonds with a nominal value of 1.1 billion rubles. The company became the first Issuer of "green bonds" in Russia on the basis of the Green Bond Principle ICMA, getting a second opinion from the European rating Agency Rating-Agentur Expert RA GmbH. According to the Agency, the company's projects fall into the category of projects for eco-efficient waste management and use of production technologies and processes aimed at reducing harmful effects on the environment. The proceeds from the placement will be used to develop a comprehensive inter-municipal disposal site, disposal and treatment of wastes for the cities of Nefteyugansk and Pyt-Yakh and Nefteyugansk district settlements. To put it into operation is planned in the first quarter of 2020.

"Green bonds" will be another financial mechanism of implementation of the tasks of the national project "Ecology", formerly Minister of natural resources and ecology Dmitry Kobylkin. In his opinion, the drastic positive changes in the quality of the environment possible with the concerted efforts of society, government and business. "Green bonds" is widely used in the world every year, this mechanism is gaining popularity.