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To take account of: theft from Bank cards began to reveal systemically monitoring of the banking press 13.05.2019 at 06:40

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Since April last year came into effect new wording of article 158 of the Criminal code provides for liability up to six years in prison for the embezzlement of funds from a Bank account. About how the police are struggling with this common type of crime, "Izvestiya" told the head of the ATC SWAD of Moscow the General-the major Yury Demin, whose first unit in the country has developed an effective methodology for dealing with the so-called ringers.

How deceiving the elderly

Illegal withdrawal of funds from Bank cards of citizens in the last few years took on the character of the present epidemic.Unknown call to a potential victim cell, represented by the Bank's employees and various ploys are forced to inform the card data tied to the phone number. Then their associates will transfer funds to their accounts or make purchases in stores.

This remote method of deception is designed for the elderly — this category of citizens in the zone of special attention of crooks.

"the Criminals often simply hang up when they hear a young voice. They are only interested in the older generation, people of this age are more trusting and do not always observe safety rules when dealing with Bank cards", — said Demin.

According to the General in 2016 was elaborated methods of investigation of such crimes. Great experience, the police have received while working in the criminal case, called "Children of war", in 2016-2018. His unofficial title investigation is required the trick used by the fraudsters.

"According to investigators, his accomplices were part of an organized group, had a database with phones elderly Muscovites, calling them and posing as staff of state organs, focuses on the alleged entitlement of social payments and compensation, including in the framework of the Federal programme "Children of war". Most of the provisions for material compensation, while continuing to mislead the victims were forced to perform certain manipulations on the Bank card through an ATM, thereby obtaining illegal access to all monetary funds held in Bank accounts, and then carried a money transfer from a Bank card of the victim on the card issued to the nominee," reads the official statement of Gosgorpromnadzora, sent in February of the current year business for 32 episodes in the court.

"the Victims in this criminal case are not only Muscovites, but also inhabitants of Rostov-on-don. The investigation is ongoing. But this process has become one of the reasons for the emergence of new norms in the Penal code," the General says Demin. Investigators units ATC SWAD appealed to the legislature with a request to put this category of crimes in a separate composition.

"today this crime is considered serious, the offender gets him a severe punishment. This is an additional factor contributing to the decline in the number of crimes," — said the source.

bell trouble

According to the Yuri Demin, 60% of all theft from Bank cards is by call. The police crooks who earn in this way are called ringers. These crimes have nothing to do with cybertechnologies.

"Criminals always go the easy way and not heavy. The leaders of such criminal groups think like managers — they will not invest in high technologies where you can do without them," says the General.

Experts on the cards in 2018 stole the residents of Moscow a total of 12 billion rubles, cites the capital's Central Directorate of police Yuri Demin.

most Often, callers are represented by staff of banking institutions and social services. Less likely to mislead under the guise of sellers of a product, representatives of Internet service providers or providers of medical services.

ATC SWAD today confidently holds the palm in the fight against criminals of this kind. For the last and current years were eliminated three organized criminal groups, putting the cheating of pensioners on stream. One of the gangs detectives caught a few days ago.

"it is Established that criminals carried out the SMS notification with the text "Your card is blocked" and pointed out the phone number to call to unlock it. During the telephone conversation, the group members learned from the victims of their personal details and card details. After receiving the necessary information they removed money from accounts via ATMs or to buy expensive equipment for subsequent implementation. According to the preliminary investigation, the suspects sent more than 500 such reports," — said the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf.

the Anonymity is the mother of theft

During searches for the April case detectives ATC SWAD seized 80 mobile phones, dozens of Bank cards, nine laptops, 13 tablets, four CDs with databases and 350 SIM cards. This is a typical "bell ringers" set.

"One of the problems, in my opinion, is the lack of strict control over the circulation of SIM cards for mobile communication. We have buckets of them seized during the searches. A fake phone number is one of the main guns of criminals, they remain anonymous. Our investigators have repeatedly written submission to the companies-operators of cellular communication that they have taken disciplinary control of the staff, who sold the SIM card on someone else's passport. But companies come to unsubscribe, no real action they are taking. And it is necessary, in my opinion, to build a mechanism for accountability. The SIM card needs to be attached to the person", — said Demin. Also, the General believes that banks whose clients are deceived cardholders must pay the social advertising telling about what danger conceals in itself a breach of sensitive card data.