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The Russians are not rushing to work after the may holidays monitoring of the banking press 13.05.2019 at 09:30

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Only a third flown away to rest on may holidays of Russians are planning to go to work today, Monday, said the experts Aviasales.

According to travel search engine, only 33 per cent of bookings, return tickets to Russia fell on the weekend from 10 to 12 may. To return to the places of the Russians, judging by the bookings, return tickets, plan the whole week.

So, on Monday, may 13 return of 13 per cent of tourists, another 15 percent expect to arrive on Tuesday. On Wednesday and Thursday also accounts for 14 percent of the bookings, return tickets. And on the last working day of this week will fly back 11 percent the resting during the may holidays.

"Thus, more than half of travellers prefer to extend the holiday and return home after the holidays" — sums up the experts.

by the Way, all the tourists staying at Russian resorts — Sochi, Simferopol and Mineralnye Vody. And from foreign destinations in the lead for the duration of the may holidays the capital city of Yerevan (Armenia), Istanbul (Turkey), Milan (Italy), Baku (Azerbaijan) and Barcelona (Spain).

on the one hand, to take a vacation in may is unprofitable, as the salary is considered to be of lesser number of working days. But if you stretch the weekend and to buy tickets for the "unpopular" days, you can save up to 20 percent.

Eugene GAYVA