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Paper comics. "Tokyo ghoul" Sui of ISIS: volume 4 The article 13.05.2019 at 06:09

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Ghouls, as we know, a highly developed sense organs: the volume of steps they can determine the weight of another invisible enemy "by sound waves – how it looks", according to the echo environment. Including due to this the fourth volume of "Tokyo ghoul" turned into a continuous and relentless action, terrifying bloody mess on the deathly black-and-white pages...

"the Tree Aogiri" consists of ghouls that live only for one thing – to fight. To infiltrate their headquarters and release Kaneki-kun will not be easy. In addition, we must not forget about kkg. Most likely, in the near future, in the 11th district to destroy "Aogiri", will send a special squad... you Know what that means? How hard should we be?

the probability that, trying to save Kaneki, we all die. Frankly, the idea of his salvation too – too! – threat.

Despite the fact that the meeting in "Entaku" began with the warning "it is Better to prepare for the worst" attitude of all the main characters – strong: someone should win. For this purpose, revived even destroyed, as we thought in the previous volume, a Foodie ("he's our chances of saving Kaneki will increase. He is a strong ally and a great fighter"), leaving, however, dreams to devour rescued at the first opportunity ("Now eat it will be even harder!.. But... ha ha! It only inflames my appetite!..").

Turn manga Sui ISIS "Tokyo ghoul 4. Books 7-8"

But the situation is, of course, complicated by the fact that the good ghouls go against the bad, so more fighters get kkg from the Armory ", Kahuna-bullet" ("Specially cast with the addition of the liquefied, kagune, they are effective against all four types"), not without fear, remembering the past clashes with the so – called Owl- ghoul rating threat SSS-level, the classification of "immediate destruction"...

tend to be among the ghouls are very few of those, who dares to devour their own kind. But there are rumors that cannibalism increases the concentration of RC-cells, and then the usual Kahuna mutates and starts to cover the whole body. {...} In kkg we call such ghouls "enlightened" or kakuza. If we ignore the individual characteristics of the muscles of the ghouls free up on average 4-7 times more kinetic energy than a human. Have RC cells extremely high coefficient of performance. It is a kind of fuel, and very powerful. Imagine that humans and ghouls are the machine. The car will never overtake the car, "Formula-1".

Turn manga Sui ISIS "Tokyo ghoul 4. Books 7-8"

Kaneki, the Central character of this story is, finally, the transformation that makes him finally accept his new nature – and to recognize a ghoul. However, befell him the test was "worse than the worst nightmare" - which has forced the guy to reconsider the seemingly Holy mother precepts of humanity:

it is Better to be a person who suffers pain than those it causes. After all, if in your soul there's a place for love and kindness, nothing can break you, Ken. Really good people need to be happy ... to accept the pain and suffering of loved ones.

Remembering his own childhood (not very happy) and blaming myself for someone else's death, the hero faces a choice: continue to meekly accept the blows of fate – or is it to rebel, in order to punish evil and to save those who are dear to him?..

"it is Better to be the person who suffers the pain than to its causes". Oh, how this noble and beautiful... That's why you're here now. Amori kill you, those two would now be alive and well. Sometimes, something to protect, you have to sacrifice something. {...} Well, how about you? Do you still prefer to remain "a man who endures pain"? You will continue to forgive these monsters as Amory? Stop denying your true self. I'm not a man... All right, Kaneki-kun. "Live" means "have others." So eat the same. I – Gul.

Turn manga Sui ISIS "Tokyo ghoul 4. Books 7-8"

So in advance should be warned that this volume is not a book even, and simply unfolded in four hundred pages is a fierce meat grinder containing at least a pair of the beyond the degree of cruelty of the scene so that especially impressionable it is necessary, of course, to be careful (another thing that this Saga is about ghouls hardly ever take the reader with a more fragile psyche). But why is there so much blood?!. Yes, so the moral was clearly visible:

In this world anger and suffering will never abate. We select each other the most valuable. Kill each other, and then say that this is the order of things, thereby calming themselves. {...} But whoever we were – people or ghouls - murder is no excuse. Any taking a life is the manifestation of evil.

if the updated Kaneki-kun to follow the moral principles – or he will not get off the warpath that he just got?.. Learn, as they say, in the next series.

the Cover of the manga Sui ISIS "Tokyo ghoul 4. Books 7-8"

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