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Buying a Car in installments through the cooperative at 0% for 5 years

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Buying a Car in installments through the cooperative at 0% for five years. Interest-free installments for 5 years when buying a car. Enough to have a downpayment of 35% of the car value. OR lease a new car c purchase. In other words buying a car/property in installments. Across the Kemerovo region. Price from 381 rubles/day depending on car brand. Consumer cooperative "car Blanche" offers its members(invite everyone) to get any car in installments at 0%. Only need one passport. Inquiries on incomes are required. Credit history not taken into account. Up to 5 years financing at 0%. The initial payment of 15% of the value of the car. A decision on the application within 1 day. The warranty of legal purity of the transaction. The list of available cars? Any brand imported and domestic production of not more than 7 000 000 Possible Personal calculation and Early redemption. Payment at any point of the Russian Federation a Great opportunity for citizens who have problems with the bailiffs Invite you to visit us for complete consultation in our Office lounge. Or find out more by phone

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