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Fish stew with vegetables

Club Million 12.05.2019 at 20:55

Culinary recipes

For fish stew with vegetables we need:

fish any Beets carrots onions salt sugar vinegar or citric acid, vegetable oil, Bay leaf and black pepper peas onion peel

Cooking fish stew with vegetables

All the vegetables wash, peel and cut into pieces. Fish to clean, gut and wash. Cut into portions.

At the bottom of the pan, preferably large diameter, spread a layer of sliced beets, then cut the same carrot and onion rings. Next, a layer of portioned pieces of fish. And repeat the layers of sliced vegetables and again put a layer of fish.

to the top of the last layer of fish put sliced beets and Golden color fish, you can put pre-washed husk bow.

All this pour the boiling water so that the fish would have been covered, add a few tablespoons of sunflower oil, salt to taste, sugar and 1 tablespoon of vinegar or citric acid, as well as Bay leaf and pepper.

After boiling, reduce the flame so that the liquid in the pan lightly boiled and all this stew for 2.5 hours.

After that, take out the fish, and cooked vegetables you can add water in it to cook fish potatoes. Is it should be cold.

Recipe fish stew with vegetables to our website sent Jeanne.

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