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Ambassador chum

Million Menu Cooking website 12.05.2019 at 20:55

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The thus Prepared salt chum salmon, can be stored for a year, until the next Ambassador of fish.

so, for salting salmon take fish, preferably bigger, because then she will be fatter and necessarily male, as the males of the flesh stronger than females. Clean it, wash, skin and remove the seeds.

Prepare a mixture of salt and sugar. 3 parts salt to one part sugar. To this mixture you can add vodka to make a wet slurry.

Okay roll each piece of salmon in this mixture and placed in three-liter jars. Cover with lids and put into the fridge.

If the fish is environmentally friendly, within 12 hours, provided that the pieces are small, it is possible to eat. And it will be very lightly salted and delicious.

But since in our area the environment is not clean, salt fish is recommended for 40 days. Then chum salmon to be safe for consumption.

similarly, I salted herring. You can add chopped fresh dill. Just put it in the Bank, but simply wrapped in a linen towel and put into the fridge for 12 hours.

and then wash the salt and cook her all sorts of Goodies.

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