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Tourist tax in Italy in 2019, the revenue exceeded 600 million euros

Entertainment 13.05.2019 at 01:10

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Only the Eternal city collected from tourists of 130 million euros. The capital is followed by Milan with more than 45 millions of Euro, Florence and Venice (with more than 30 million): the figures published by Federalberghi.

In 2019, the total income from the tourist tax in force in Italy, has exceeded 600 million euros. In the words of the Federalberghi President Bernabo Bocca of, "1020 municipalities in the country used travel Pyatina". The city with the highest income was the City on seven hills with income in the amount of EUR 130 million, how much is 27.7% of the total volume. The girl in second place with more than 45 million euros.

after the time of Rome and Milan, followed by Florence and the pearl of the Adriatic (both cities with revenues of more than EUR 30 million). Thus, the first four cities of the ranking (the Eternal city, Milan, Venice and Florence) were lucky to gather with travelers stronger than 240 million euros, something is more than 58% of the national income. 31.6% of resorts that charge a payment with tourists (from 315 997), are mountain. Afterward followed the sea with a rate of 19.7% (196).

Gross major cities and is felt in the regional ranking, led by Lazio with a figure of just 135 million euros. Then settled Veneto (63,7 million Euro), Lombardy (59.5 million euros) and Tuscany (57.4 million euros). These four regions is going to 67,1% of total income.

the Head of Italy so far not adopted the regime, which would establish General principles for the calculation of the tax take that stay. In his cash-strapped municipalities self-appointed duty, creating a confusing picture: for example, a family of three bastard (the father, the mother and the baby), who lives in a three star hotel in the stream two days in Rome pay 24 Euro city tax in Venice € 17,40, Rimini from € 12, Catanzaro € 7,80 in Bibione € 6,30.