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HTML and CSS, level 1


entry is Available at the "HTML and CSS level 1" which will be held from may 6 to July 7.

the Course is designed for beginners without knowledge of the layout and those who want to bring order to the previously obtained knowledge.

You will find 20 hours of lectures in the format of a live stream, screencasts with tutorials practices, additional materials and a personal mentor who will conduct a review of your code.

To choose two formats of participation:

Standard — three projects to choose from, five weeks of work with a mentor and four weeks on a self-improvement project. Perfect for those who want to protect a personal project. Comfortable five projects, nine weeks working with a mentor. Choose if you want to take a complex project and also to manage to protect the two projects for the course.

the Number of places is limited. Also available is credit for 12 months with a monthly payment of ruble 1774.

For readers on the promo code htmlbook will be a discount of 1000 rubles for participation in the course "HTML and CSS level 1". Before the meeting on may 6!

How to study said Vadim Makeev, author and lecturer of the course:

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