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Rusty trough of democracy: only 15% of aircraft carriers of the US Navy is able to bear an active service

MComp 15.05.2019 at 01:01

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

According to us media, the us naval carrier fleet is unable to participate in hostilities because of their faults and obsolescence.

According to one of the world's largest news agencies based in new York city news portal Business Insider, only 15% of aircraft carriers of the US Navy ways to bear an active service.

"ultra-Modern" aircraft carriers of the US Navy series "Gerald Ford" since 2009, are in a state of construction. The head ship of this series of aircraft carriers "Gerald Ford" is officially launched but is still being completed on the go, waiting for replacement air and missile defense systems and fire control. The other two ships of this series are still in a state of construction since 2009 and for the period of their launching is called 2023. The main strike missile weapon of the U.S. Navy are cruise missiles "Tomahawk", which despite all its power, are a development of the 1970-ies. These missiles can still be able to strike land-based camps of terrorists, unprotected by any missile defences, but the missiles are not able to get around missile defense armed forces Europe, China and Russia.

the Main striking force of the Navy of the USA and the pride of the American people, as eleven of those in the ranks of the carriers, have become rusty and outdated club, which Washington could scare only obviously more militarily weak countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

does this Mean that US carriers are turned into a rusty trough democracy? More likely than not. Navy, the U.S. is still considered the most powerful in the world, but we have to admit that the military campaign for the last 28 years that have passed since the collapse of the USSR, the main opponents of the army and Navy of the United States was a terrorist organization organized on the principle of guerrilla movements. The lack of decent potential enemy, caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union, led to the fact that the U.S. Navy has turned into a pitiful semblance of himself. The once mighty aircraft carriers became unfit for combat rusting pieces of metal stuffed with obsolete electronics.

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