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The Royal mint issued a coin with the image of Sherlock Holmes

Russian Britaniya 13.05.2019 at 19:12

The Royal mint has produced a series of 50p coins in honor of Sherlock Holmes.

Honoring this giant of the detective genre coin 50 pence with Sherlock Holmes – said in a tweet Royal mint.

the issue of the coins dedicated to the 160th anniversary since the birth of Arthur Conan Doyle. On the reverse of the coins shows a profile of the detective and minted titles of works with his participation, "the hound of the Baskervilles", "the Sign of four", "Study in scarlet" and others. The obverse of the coins features the profile of Queen Elizabeth II.

the value of the coins depends on their material and weight: coin of copper-Nickel alloy with a weight of 8 grams is £10 8-gram of the silver of 925-th test – £55, 16 grams of silver of 925-th test – £95, coin of gold in 22 carat is £795.

Copper-Nickel coin minted unlimited mintage silver coin with a circulation of 7 500 and 3 500 gold coin – limited edition of 600 copies.

to Acquire in one hand can be no more than 10 copper-Nickel coins, 3 silver and no more than 1 gold coin. On the website of the mint emphasized that the famous detective has appeared on coins for the first time.