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World markets grow by renewed hopes for a trade agreement

Forex Club 15.05.2019 at 09:55

The World's financial markets on Wednesday, coming up on renewed hopes for the achievement of the trade agreement between the US and China.

the Main US stocks on Tuesday rose to within 1% amid reports that the President of the United States Donald trump is going to meet with the leader of China XI Jinping at the G20 in Japan in June. As stated by the American President, the United States can still reach a trade agreement with China on trade. Market participants now again hope that the parties can come to agreement. In the moment offers a good opportunity to earn on the dynamics of the American indexes, as did a trader Forex Club, which has received the change of quotations of the Nasdaq more than 7 thousand dollars per day.

Asian markets on Wednesday showed growth on the average on 1,5–2%. An additional positive factor in these markets has brought favorable corporate news in the region. In particular, the Japanese automaker Nissan Motor reported a decline in net profit for the financial year 2018-19 to 2.3 times to $ 2.9 billion.

In China on Wednesday released data on industrial production in China for April. This figure grew by 5.4%, although the market was expecting growth of 6.5%, and retail sales in the country increased by 7.2% against the forecast of 8.6%.

the Major stock indexes of Europe on the eve closed higher amid easing of tension in relations between the US and China. On Wednesday, they are not.

the Russian stock market is moderately growing, adding to within 0.5%. While the ruble strengthened by almost 25 cents against the dollar and almost 20 cents to the Euro, despite a slight decline in oil prices.

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