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Stock Uber time to buy

Forex Club 15.05.2019 at 16:47

Recent IPO companies (IPO) took place at the height of trade tensions United States and China, which have distracted investors from the largest technology events of the year. But as soon as the sale on the stock market ceased, the stock Uber is one of the first to show significant growth. It speaks to the willingness of investors to buy up a promising stock of the company, and here's why...

UBER (UBER) Strategy of the transaction Direction of transaction Purchase Entrance (open price) 40,34 Goal (closing price) 43,85 Stop Loss 38,80 Horizon till 19.00 MSK 20.05.2019

- the Potential of the company very temple, because business has a big gap to scale into new markets and expand on current

- According to the report, prior to the IPO, Uber completed in 2018, with revenues of $11.3 billion, showing an increase of 43% compared with 2017

- the Original company was about $120 billion, but at the moment of IPO the stock started with a price of $45 per share with an estimated value of $75,46 billion It says low stock price at the start, which gives the opportunity to buy now at a lower price,

- Technically, stocks are going to close the gap, which was formed after the start of the IPO

Options transaction

you Need to open a transaction for the purchase of shares UBER 17.05.2019 no later than 19:00 GMT

If your Deposit is different in a big way from $500, it is necessary to proportionally increase the size of the transaction in Libertex. The multiplier remains unchanged. The loss will not exceed 1.6% of the Deposit.

If you want to get your position size multiplier, the potential profit and loss for Libertex, connect to the service Libertex Show

* If the transaction is not closed for orders (take-profit, stop-loss), it is recommended to close manually before the specified date.

UBER Displayed author: evgeniy.turchin UBER