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A review of the documentary "Meeting with Gorbachev" Reviews 16.05.2019 at 10:04

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Werner Herzog Mikhail Gorbachev talking about the most significant events of the twentieth century - from nuclear disarmament to the unification of Germany.

the Famous German Director Werner Herzog, recipient of many prestigious awards - first and foremost, a stunning documentary that reveals the human nature from the inside, shows the inferiority of people on the inside, not the outside, demonstrates that the often hidden from the eyes, are blurry everyday. The Director has repeatedly been accused of fraud, which once again underlines the peculiarity of the style the author raises not always pleasant or easy topics. One of the often criticized aspect of Herzog is his obsession to remove the picture as realistic as possible and to bring the shooting to the end at any cost. One of the most frequently used motives, personality, rejected by society.

In the film "Meeting with Gorbachev" the Director turned again to the theme of the outcast, and this time the focus is (as the name already suggests), the first and only President of the USSR Gorbachev Michael Sergeevich - the person "non grata" for the post-Soviet space, but in a sense, the hero for Europe and the West, due to what many at home consider him a "traitor of the Soviet people".

the New picture of the Herzog weak and frankly seems quite out of place in the collection of his works. Extremely naive point of view on the process of disintegration of Soviet power, which is most idealizes is not very bold, but purposeful President of the last century. The filmmakers don't even try to hide the conspicuous subtle provocation on the part of European countries and the United States: the narrative often focuses on the fact that Gorbachev was the first and still the only rulers of the Soviet Union and modern Russia, who not only went on a meeting with the Western superpower and Europe, but also wanted to achieve peace through negotiations a friendly and mutually beneficial political relations, which has been repeatedly proved (he withdrew Soviet troops from Afghanistan, broke the Berlin wall, began nuclear disarmament, raised the iron curtain, etc.), as if in between hinting at something what is the current policy of Russia absolutely don't want it.

the Creators did not realize one thing: the audience in our country will not hear the message, which most likely was in the picture - because of the obsession with their blind hatred of Gorbachev. For our man this movie is like a red rag to a bull, it is an occasion once again to verbally destroy, and to anathematize leader who was closest to the people and wanted to keep up with the times and the world. It condemns, basically, people who are far from politics, at the genetic level centuries accustomed to live under the rule of tyrants and dictators, who are the ones who destroyed the country, those who came with the tanks to the area and fired White house, those who made a revolution returning the country today "good old", the rhythm of life under the authority of latent dictatorial regime.

Gorbachev Mikhail Gorbachev as President - a vivid example of how the attempt of one man "of the people" to destroy stealing and sucking out the country's all political machine very quickly lead to fatal consequences not only for the ruler but also for the society. As recognized in the film, Gorbachev himself, he just wasn't given to deprive and corrupt those in power the good of the country, which rightfully belong to the people, "someone," it became uncomfortable.

the Dream of an entire people, crushed on the revolution of political terrorists

the duck in each frame tells us that Gorbachev was first and foremost someone who was born and grew up in the village, which from an early age fought for bread and water. The man who passed a very difficult path and faced with the loss of the only friend and lover Raisa. And secondly, is a politician who may not quite fully understand how to run the country, but he knew to what purpose we are to give. That's just it remained unfulfilled dreams of an entire people, shipwrecked on the revolution of political terrorists, finally destroys the country.

To Gorbachev can be treated in different ways: to hate him and be considered a traitor - or attempt to study and understand his actions, but one is undeniable: Mikhail Gorbachev is a person who obviously sought to make the world a better place and changed the course of not only one country but of world history as a whole, which emphasizes Werner Herzog in his film. But who today in Russia to live well - that is a completely different conversation...

I would like to appeal to those media representatives who were at the press screening of the picture and in a loud voice, interrupting the speaker with the screen, lamented the former President of the USSR: I am sincerely sorry if today there are still people who do pious believers that to dispose of the future and the wealth of the superpower will allow a single person represent to society as a communication tool between the people and those who stand at the helm.

There is nothing wrong in talking about the world - it is terrible when the world is silent

Yes, the film definitely tries to clear the name of Gorbachev imposed upon him the label of betrayal. And does the emphasis on the fact that between America, Europe and Russia can be peaceful and mutually beneficial relationship. That of peaceful coexistence between the great States say - there is nothing terrible; it is terrible when the world is silent about. Maybe if we talked about it as often as possible, maybe then people and the whole world would be a little kinder.