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The next station is "electrical installation"

Blog Yandex 15.05.2019 at 09:00

Blog Yandex

If in a lively hour to stay a while at the exit from the metro station, you pass by dozens or even hundreds of people. Some here live or work — they usually without delay proceed to the doors. Others have come here for shopping, for business or for fun, and may have been at this station for the first time. They carefully study the signs or on the go check cards in the phone.

, We decided to imagine how would look metro maps of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Minsk if the station they were called in honor of the local centers of gravity. It is shopping malls, tax, courts, landmarks, and other objects that will attract people from other districts and even other cities.

to find the place-"magnets" we looked at the data about requests to Yandex.Cards set close to the subway entrances. For each station made the top organizations and sites in the total number of queries. By themselves, such lists do not say anything about local particulars: almost everywhere on the top lines — ATMs, pharmacies and grocery stores. Therefore, we have filtered out the tops left in them, only organizations with a high proportion of local queries. The result lists of popular places of interest which are not spread out around the city, and is concentrated at specific metro stations.

the Scheme of the Moscow metro (full version) Scheme of the Petersburg underground (full version) Scheme of Minsk metro (full version)

New name we gave to the places that held the first position in their respective tops. In many cases, this turned out to be large stores or shopping malls. For example, the Moscow Lubyanka turned into a "Biblio-Globus", St. Petersburg Obvodny Kanal, in "Auchan" and Minsk "October" in "GUM". Some stations names went from the nearby parks and attractions: the station "Kitay-Gorod" in Moscow was called "charge", "Baltic" in St. Petersburg now, "Museum Railways", "Victory Square" in Minsk — Gorky Park. Another source of names — places to which people brings the need: hospitals, courts, tax. So, "Preobrazhenskaya square" was renamed in "Moscow city court", "Alexander Nevsky Square – 2" in the Petersburg underground — "Botkin hospital", Minsk "Moscow" — "the Clinic of spermatozoidov".

, We do not consider requests about transport nodes such as railway stations and airports. In the preparation of the schemes of Moscow and St. Petersburg metro is used the requests to the application Yandex.Card 2018. In the framework of the Minsk subway went to the queries, raised from April 2018 to April 2019.

Some locations were on the first lines in the top of several stations. One of the examples of the Mariinsky theater in St. Petersburg: its a lot of searching and "Sennaya Ploshchad" and "Sadovaya". In such cases, we looked at some stations, the proportion of queries about the place above. That is why the scheme of the Petersburg underground in honor of the Mariinsky theatre we call "the Garden", and Sennaya square got a new name for the complex Apraksin Dvor, which took second place in the top.

metro maps of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Minsk with the renamed stations are available on the website of the company. They can also be viewed in the latest version of the application Yandex.Metro — along with the usual maps.

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