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Night at the Museum Yandex

Blog Yandex 16.05.2019 at 10:40

Blog Yandex

This year, the Store and Museum Yandex involved in the "Night of museums". He really will work all night: we open on the morning of Saturday, may 18, at 11 a.m., and will close early Sunday morning, at 5:30.

the Shop and the Museum is divided into two parts. First sold merchandise Yandex — shirts, hoodies, mugs, badges, backpacks, and operate a demonstration area where you can get acquainted with the Station and Telephone. Second, most of the premises occupied by the Museum. It contains things related to the history of Yandex and exhibition of old computers.

We believe that the old computers cannot show on display behind the glass. To get to know them for real, they need to touch, to turn, to run programs. So all the computers in our exposure — workers. I can play "Digger" in the first IBM PC, to play "Tetris" on "Electronics-60" — that on this computer in 1984, wrote the first version of the game — or look into a black and white screen workstation NeXTcube: on such the computer Tim Berners-Lee in 1991 raised the world's first web server.

Not all computers from the collection of the old. For example, we now have exhibited "Elbrus 801-PC" computing centre of the Russian production, which showed in 2016. And not all the exhibits — computers. There are phones, programmable calculators and consoles, from "Dandy" to "PlayStation".

the Night visitors

Night program at the Museum starts in 20 hours. If at some point you find that the premises of the Museum can't accommodate everyone, we will ask you to wait a bit. On Saturday promise good weather, and around the Museum lots of nice places to spend time.

for Those who want to avoid queues, we suggest you arrive after midnight: there will be a tea party on the Ottoman and talking about old computers.

During the "Night of museums" the most interesting will begin after eight o'clock in the evening. First, every half hour, the staff Yandex among the fans of the old equipment will arrange tours of the exhibition. They tell in detail about every machine, when it appeared that she, and what are its features. Second, there will be tournaments for old games. If the hands still remember the combination from the third "mortal Kombat", come — you have a good chance to become a champion.

Finally, in the Museum one can listen to the lecture about the past and the present of computing. Pavel Anokhin will tell you how to go for her in the computer lab of the 1960s, Alexander Surkov explain what the Internet of things, and Victor Fighting — part of his collection of computers on display in the Museum to share stories from the life of a collector of old equipment. Lectures will run from eight PM to midnight. The full schedule can be viewed on the Museum's website.

the Shop and Museum is located near the Moscow office of Yandex at Timura Frunze street, 11, building 13, is a metro station "Park of culture".

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