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Analysis of the situation on the Forex market on 17.05.2019

Portal Forex trader 16.05.2019 at 21:04

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Hello. Below view on a few interesting points to trade in the Forex market on 17.05.2019


On a pair USDCAD again bounced from the support level of 1,34000. The pattern is not here, but I think will continue the growth to 1,3500, and maybe higher. The number of sellers in the statistics of transactions may well contribute to the growth. Look here to purchase within the day, on small timeframes.


On NZDUSD finally passed 0,6563 support level and continue falling trend. According to the statistics of transactions of customers at the level scored well, and expect to continue to fall. Will look for sales on the rollback back to the level.

the Fundamental news APR KOSPI was 1.2%, the Hang Seng up + 0.02%, Shanghai Composite + 0.58% while the Shenzhen Composite + 0.48 percent, the S&P/ASX200 up + 0.69% Nikkei — 0,59%

Asian indexes showed on Thursday. The Chinese exchanges were able to maintain growth after a great financial reports, IT giants Alibaba and Tencent, Australian investors bought stocks amid employment growth exceeded forecasts. Indexes in Japan and Korea fall in the domestic news – the growth of tension in relations with the DPRK.

Today in the morning was released:

PMI, the input price index PMI New Zealand, Japan, the United States Dow Jones + 0,84% NASDAQ + 0,97%, S&P500; — 0,89%

American investors on Thursday chose to ignore the negative, the gains determined by positive statistics and reporting companies.

the US President gives interviews to a pool of reporters about the current relations with China

President Donald trump went on the offensive on China, saying in an interview with reporters the new measures and restrictions on the use of Huawei equipment in the United States, sanctions the sale and transfer of technologies, and tracking of all companies involved in the cooperation with the Chinese IT giant.

China has defiantly continued to take oil from Iran, yesterday unloaded a tanker in the port, despite the expansion of us sanctions. This step and enter the retaliatory duties in June do not give chances to the two parties to continue the dialogue.

At the same time to reduce the number of jobless claims, growth in permits for the construction of houses, as well as reports of the enterprises is confirmed by the word trump that the U.S. economy "is in fine form".

In the second half of the day will be released news:

sentiment Index and consumer expectations from the Michigan Institute 17-00 the Number of working rigs – 20-00 Euro zone CAC40 + 1,37% FTSE + 0,78% DAX + 1.74 percent

the European Economy will avoid trade barriers when exporting goods the United States, and the political landscape the EU is waiting for the imminent global update. After the may elections of the European Council will change its head, in Germany from his post leaving Angela Merkel, the UK will replace the Prime Minister.

the Outgoing Chancellor announced yesterday a "political will" of EU member countries to generate their own rigid policies that will help to "appropriately defend" the interests of a large economy in the world. According to Merkel, the EU is too long adjust the position of partners, time to start forming their own point of view to different events.

Investors were enthusiastic about the idea of a "new economic policy" of the EU, which is reflected in the growth of stock indices.

I'm published economic indicators:

12-00: Eurozone CPI

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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