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News. Veronica Castro overdone with plastic surgery

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 16.05.2019 at 09:31

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Veronica Castro – the famous Mexican actress who rocked the whole world and particularly among citizens of post-Soviet countries. In the 90-ies of the TV series in which she plays the title role watched everything from small to large. In "Wild rose" and the film "the Rich also cry" Veronica was very attractive, with natural facial features. Now it is difficult to recognize the charming actress and age has nothing to do with it. The photos show that Veronica did blepharoplasty and, most likely, circular facelift. Also she didn't neglect the injections. This is evident in the increased volume of the lips and expressive cheekbones. The woman succumbed to one more fashionable trend and made his Hollywood smile using veneers. Modern means of plastic surgery and cosmetology, unfortunately, did not go to Castro to benefit. Many users do not recognize the female star of the 90s. Scares them and bright makeup actress. Some leave comments that the woman is unattractive and disgusting. However, at home, Veronica is still in demand. In the TV series and movies you can see it often. Instead, the actress continues to play at the theater, to appear at social events and occasionally giving interviews to glossy magazines. This is not the only source of income for Castro. Women have their own business. It is a network of beauty salons and shops, as well as the enterprise engaged in the production of cosmetics.

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