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News. New stylist Kate Middleton picks her frivolous outfits

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 16.05.2019 at 10:27

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The young Duchess of the British Royal family attracted the views not only of citizens but also people from all over the world. Users interested in their way of life, events significant events and are also happy to consider every women in the world. In recent years, fashionable and bright all often called Meghan Markle. Thanks to the tabloids learned that their outfits she spends a considerable amount of money. Obviously, Kate Middleton has decided to Eclipse an unspoken competition. Not so long ago she changed her stylist. The new consultant began to pick up for the Duchess of unexpected outfits. During one of the last exits Kate saw in polka dot dress Maxi length. It seemed that the model of outfit is rather strict, however, in bright sunlight and windy weather this impression was offset. The semi-transparent skirt, lightweight fabric and a small section of the audience who attended the event, and netizens could see the chiseled figure of Kate and her slender legs. Many of the comments noted that Middleton, for the mother of three children looks amazing. She is very slender, her body no hint of extra pounds. Thanks to the media it is known that Kate adheres to a healthy lifestyle and carefully monitoring your diet. She doesn't use fast food and one day a week eats as an avid raw foodists. The woman eats often, but small portions. This allows her to keep her weight normal. The Duchess also engaged daily in the hall. It takes about an hour per day. Most of all the wife of Prince William likes to stand in the strap.

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