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What dreams may come themes of the day 13.05.2019 at 21:00

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Lending remains for the Russians, one way to realize the dream of a beautiful life. Representatives of collection agencies told on the scale used borrowed money and what happens after they end.

Tired of that at the neighbor everything is always better

Periodically the Agency in their work are faced with debtors who took out loans on an unimaginable from the point of view of the income and common sense purchases, said the press service of the SRO NAPCA. "Such cases are remembered for a long time. For example, the young man 33 years old took a loan BMW, the monthly payment according to which on 10 thousand roubles exceeded his actual income. The purpose of the purchase — acquaintance with the girls. With payments, of course, he failed. It would seem that in youth is excusable to make mistakes, but with age people become wiser and do not seek to impress others at the expense of expensive things. But it's not. In practice there was a case when a woman of 60 years was actively issued credits to country technique the latest model. According to her, she was tired, that neighbor is always better and more expensive than it", — told in the press service of NAPCA.

the Idea of a beautiful life was such borrowers with iPhone the latest models, expensive restaurants and travel — it is for such purposes do lending money is spent. "We face such situations where the debtors say they took out loans to "nice stay". In practice, this means that the money spent on expensive phones, trips to restaurants and travel abroad. One such dreamer has managed to gain the cash loans for 2 million rubles, — says the Deputy General Director on business development "GK Financial services," Gregory Galician. — There was a case with a girl who took out a loan to realize the dream about traveling for six months, she visited Cuba, Mexico and Peru. Duty paid for her relatives."

the Collectors say that such borrowers do not recognize the fallacy of their actions. "We had a situation, when the office broke bitch with indignant cries and accusations that we had no right to bother her, to tear off from Affairs (to call and write letters). In appearance you can say, fairly wealthy girl. Arrived in an expensive car, but the question, why not return the debt, having blinked and said that it was unable to do so, but we don't have to call her and leave a written request — no one needs to know about her debt! She was very nervous and asked me to wait, but the main thing — not to call her. And she will come back to this issue, but a little later. At that time she was a couple of credits in different banks on a decent amount. As it turned out (according to her relative, who paid all debts some time later), the pursuit of happyness the girl took out loans to improve their appearance and could not admit it to his future wife," — said General Director of "M. B. A. Finance" Fedor Wahat.

the Luxury flaunt

Bank "the East" especially for analyzed spending in the segments, which can be attributed to conspicuous consumption and the change in the purchasing model in spring 2019 compared to the spring of 2018. Possible "demonstrative" category were classified under MCC (merchant category code) "Clothing and shoes" (shopping centers), "Digital appliances, telecommunication equipment," "Fur salon" and "Jewelry".

"Analysis of operations in these segments showed that the clients of "East" in 2019, indeed, were more likely to purchase expensive clothes, shoes, and increased the number of operations in the segment of "Digital technology". Growth in spring 2019 was 10% in annual terms. At the same time, in segments of "a Fur salon" and "Jewelry" (traditionally the leader in the field of so-called conspicuous consumption), on the contrary, there has been a decline. So, the number of purchases here in 2019 was reduced by 25% ("furriers") and 7% ("Jewelry"). Grew up in 2019 and the average check, but unevenly: in the segment of "Clothes and footwear" — by 8%, "Digital equipment" — 10% "Jewelry" — on 12%. And in the category "furriers" check declined significantly — by 22%", — cites the head of Department of credit cards of Bank "the East" Cristina Rogaine. "Overall, spending in the segments, which can be attributed to conspicuous consumption — branded clothing, the latest models of smartphones, luxury jewelry — not typical for traditional consumer behavior of credit card holders of the Bank "East", she adds.

the Percentage of purchases of small loans are more substantial purpose, say in home Credit Bank. "According to surveys of our clients credit goals are quite fundamental. The most popular purpose is renovation, purchase of real estate and car travel. Some clients really buy on credit and installment expensive products of the segments of clothing, household appliances and electronics. However, the percentage of such purchases in the total volume of crediting of physical persons", — reported the press service of the Bank.

According to Fedor, Whaty the policy of banks became more prudent — financial organizations assess their borrowers and sorazmerit risks, and borrowers, in turn, learned how to sensibly approach the situation. "But there is a category of people that continue to live in the moment and momentary desires. This is a small percentage of the total mass of debtors, about which we cannot say that they are the worst violators, but in their understanding of the debt does not relate to the responsibility that arises in front of them," he says.

the Lion's share of these customers are young people. "The lending market for the purchase of various elite and branded accessories is developing by leaps and bounds. Loans for new model branded phone and loans out on the car — the most harmless. Of course, the main customers in this segment of lending to the youth, people aged 20 to 30 years. Various credit institutions and MFIs only welcome such small loans, usually under a large percentage, so they did not use any additional practice for the selection of clients and issue money on General grounds," — said the Deputy Chairman of the Board Loko-Bank Andrey lyushin.

Take me with nothing

According to Grigory Galician, motivation "take now, give if you can and if you can take me with nothing" is very common, this can be partly explained by a low level of income.

"If we ignore the "greater Moscow" and "big Peter", we see that the majority of people earn 15-20 thousand rubles per month. Outside the regional centres, the earnings will be twice lower. Thus, the income of the whole population is small, making almost any purchase of goods of long using in expensive. And of course, the loan in this situation is often the only way. Borrowers sums up the lack of skill of planning one's life, income and risks ahead at least for a few months. Therefore, the purchase being made "redundant", which are perceived as a chance to live better, but there — maybe you will understand. Hence numerous credit iPhones in people with a salary of 20 thousand and flights to Cuba for a two-year budget salaries," explains Gregory Galician.

"These people are being held hostage themselves, commit their acts rashly and impulsively. When it comes to foreclosure, they can get in touch, explain that you can't return the money or they do not have them, tell us for what purpose the credit was taken, but something went wrong," adds Fedor Wahat.

According to the President of SRO NAPCA Elman Mehdiyev, buy expensive phones, watches, cars, branded items in the credit associated with the desire to seem richer and more secure, but this leads to the opposite result. "There comes a time when such debts are overdue and there is an understanding that any debt payment that is red, and the brands and other props are not much help in this. In practice slightly more than a quarter of debtors are ready to get rid of the luxuries, but the amount received after the sale cannot cover the debt. A significant portion of these debtors are not ready to say goodbye to their idea of a beautiful life, fearing the judgment of that circle, in which and strive with such purchases," says Mehdiyev.

From a psychological point of view, conspicuous consumption is the order of wasteful purchases that are not a necessity, explains the General Director of consulting company "MM-Class" psychologist Marina Melia Jr. "The purpose of conspicuous consumption to demonstrate their prestige, status, uniqueness of the relevant reference group. The driving mechanism is primarily a combination of narcissism and low self-esteem, she says.

Banks, of course, these customers are generating good interest on the loan and the loan takers re only paying off the previous best, unlike the adherents of conscious consumption. The desire to be "on top", having a latest model of iPhone or a car, requires all new and new purchases".