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Where a paid subscription to content taken on your phone, how to refuse them and, most importantly, how to return charged by the operator of the money? Tell!

the Problem with paid carrier subscriptions are still relevant. The law "On communication" is changing, customers are judged but no-no and find yourself another service that they never hooked up, but still have to pay for it. And sometimes, these services appear not even accidentally or by negligence, and as a gift: here's to you, the subscriber, a great option to use for free! But not for long... say, a week. And then, like in Cinderella, the carriage turns into a pumpkin, the footmen into mice, and gift services be paid. Weird? It is quite a common practice!

Warning action!

For consumers, the word "action" often associated with something good and pleasant: it is an opportunity to try something new or buy more for less money. And companies, including in telecommunications, it is actively used. Sitting by the subscriber at the rate of subscription does not connect, movie in your phone not looking, the horn melody is not a substitute. If it does not touch and does not provoke, it is unlikely that additional buy. And that's where operators come in stock.

One of the most common ways to persuade the caller to use the new service to offer him some time to do it for free, and then decide she needed it or not. Most often it is used two mechanisms. In the first case, after the free period, the service will be deactivated and the subscriber receives a message on how to connect on a paid basis. In the second embodiment, after the free period, the service is not terminated, but billing is enabled. According to the rules in this case before the service will be paid, the subscriber receives a message with the cost and rules of service, as well as information on how to disable it. It is clear that the lion's share of negativity among the users is the second option. After all, to "not to get" extra billing, subscriber must obtain and read the posts to understand the mechanism of disconnection and take the necessary actions. But SMS is not always read in time, the letters fall into the spam, and disable anything right now may be uncomfortable, and then it will be forgotten. And billing the time to act.

"the national ranking" operators literally full of such stories. So, one of the user Banks.Roux under the name PoupkinVassily

talks about how he was surprised to see the message about connecting services "anti-virus" from the operator "Rostelecom". According to user he received the message that he became a party to the action "Safe Internet", in which the service before may 31 will be free and then will cost you 139 per month. Received an SMS may 1, the user did not wait for the end of the free period and immediately turned it off in the personal Cabinet. "Out, "Rostelecom" the unauthorized (without any of my consent) hooked me this "campaign" — surprised PoupkinVassily. "In the above example, all rules have been observed — say in a press-service "Rostelecom". — The subscriber has offered to test the product for free during promoperiod. The subscriber of this service was not needed, he went to my account and turned it off". However, others complain about the money charge for this service, and claim that you didn't set it. Examples see, e.g., here and here. By the way, in both cases, after contacting the company the money returned to the subscribers.

"not To miss the message about the action, it is necessary to check whether the message from the operator to the spam — advise in a press-service "Rostelecom". — In the message there is always a link to the full conditions of the promotion, including refusal to participate in it. It is always necessary to study the full conditions of the promotion. Of course, at least once per month should go in the personal account to check the activated services and extra options, the correctness of the charges, to disable unused services".

"I something clicked..."

VAS (from the English. Value Added Services, supplementary services operators) — the market is quite interesting. It's all kinds of subscription, the replacement of the horn melody, radars and anti-virus software. And almost every subscriber at least once accidentally found the option that, in his opinion, do not connect. How is this happening?

to Become a "happy owner" of the subscription cancellation can be accidentally clicking on the link, answering a SMS or calling a number. But maybe the caller didn't want to connect, he planned only to look at conditions or just clicked on the picture.

the"Peak disputes on paid subscriptions fell for 2011-2013, which became the impetus for legislative clarification, which additional services technologically inseparably linked with services of mobile telephone communications may only be with the consent of the subscriber, — says the head of practice of intellectual and information rights legal team "Yakovlev and partners" Anna Nikitova. To do this in the act in 2014 have been amended: consent of the subscriber must be expressed by means of committing actions that uniquely identifies the subscriber and allows to reliably determine his will to receive these services (paragraph 5 of article 44 of the Federal law "On communications"). In connection with this wording, the question arises: what actions mobile operators can be interpreted as consent to receive services?"

According to her, a direct expression can be expressed, for example, the response message or the introduction of this in the picture code. "It is obvious that a subscriber must be made specific, conscious actions on the mobile device to connect to the appropriate content service. The lack thereof should exclude the possibility of automatically debiting the subscriber's account in the transition. The following link may be a subscriber to see the detailed terms and conditions of service, and a decision on whether to purchase such a service has not been taken yet", — the expert adds.

What is considered a conscious act, it is still not clear. The more that there are times when the subscription is there, but no action was. As an example, in the sensational stories when the "smart" garage door with SIM card MTS

signed up for the newsletter.

the Caller is "asleep" — write-offs go

Let's imagine the situation: the subscriber uses the telephone, any suspicious mailings or messages not received, and periodically charges the account for the balance not particularly watching. And then suddenly discovers he has some infotainment services. How does that happen? Very simple.

Not all services involve distribution of content. Take, for example, service replacement horn melody. A subscriber to this melody can't hear, he himself does not call. And his audience was unable to tell. The monthly fee for this service is not very big, with large communication costs on the same amount and not to pay attention. And for a long time to pay for a service about which not even guess.

it also Happens: the person subscribes to the service, some time it was used, and then just forgot to turn it off. Such subscribers are called sleeping. As a result inexpensive services, they can lose quite a substantial amount. So, even if there is no sign that you have these services, don't be lazy at least once a month to go to my account and check if you have some new options.

This "sleeping" subscribers became reader Banks.Roux under the name tartarelin, the subscriber of "Beeline". He complains that

to him constantly, without his consent, connected infotainment services, and money debited, but no content comes. However, in a press-service of the operator reported that the service was connected by the subscribers, sending them the appropriate message is recorded in detail. "On the last day of free use to the customer was sent a TEXT reminder that tomorrow's service will be paid, with the price and use of the services," the company said. According to the press service, the subscriber subscribes to the service "Astrology portal" for use where you need to click on the link. It seems that SMS is not seen on the portal is not passed and the money were written off.

Nothing personal

There are services that connects the operator, but data on them is not in the personal Cabinet. In such a situation was the user of our portal with the nickname Antilos. According to him, he was a bundle of TV series "Imediately" for "MegaFon.TV" for the service charged a total of 765 rubles. The subscriber complains that the cancellation of go service in the personal Cabinet is not visible, how to disable it — is unclear.

"Whether the action of an operator and how can I get my money back, brazenly charged by the operator?" — asks the reader to

"Subscribing on "Mediateca" is connected and controlled through the application "MegaFon.TV" — tell in a press-service of "MegaFon". — Yes, indeed, the subscriber has a subscription to "Mediateka" from March 15. Acted promoperiod — seven days for free. On March 22 the package was paid according to the terms — 17 rubles per day. All of the packages and the content, the user activates itself. "MegaFon.TV" when the customer selects a package and clicks "Activate", you receive detailed information about payment (terms & how to pay) and the "Confirm" button. After the customer confirms the purchase of the content, he receives an SMS with information: that when he hooked".

the press service of "MegaFon" also noted that in the personal office subscription, indeed, is not displayed because it is controlled only in the application "MegaFon.TV" in the section "Expenses of replenishment and detail." While in the personal Cabinet the information on the write-off of money is still there: it appears as an additional expenditure with a note "MegaFon.TV". In this case, to return the charged money from the subscribers will, so as to connect "Imediately" you need to go into the app and make two clicks that can hardly be done by accident. The operator considers such action is deliberate.

What can you do?

Wittingly or unwittingly, to be signed for additional services, everyone can. It's a shame especially if they will be written off a decent amount of money.

If you are in this situation and believe that they themselves didn't connect, contact us and insist on being right. Yes, you have to be patient, but, most likely, the money will be returned to you. Did not help simply for the asking — write a letter to the Central office operator (if you plan to take it personally — take two copies to your instance put the incoming number and signed for on delivery, if sent by mail — choose a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt). If this does not work (which is unlikely), you can go to court.

and of course, don't click on strange links, do not respond to suspicious SMS and not call back to unknown numbers unless absolutely necessary. And you can also add a content account that will be debited for such services. If you keep in this account 0 rubles, and services won't be connected.

In either case, follow the write-offs and do not forget to go to your personal Cabinet at least once a month. The situations are different, but the money is better kept under control.