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Roaming schrödinger themes of the day 16.05.2019 at 21:02

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Some time ago, news feeds were filled with reports that in his travels in Russia now it is possible not to spend money on roaming charges. And for most subscribers it really is. But that's not for everyone! Why such discrimination? Let's deal.

These different roaming

let's Start with the terminology. Roaming is the provision of communication services to the subscriber outside the home network. Accordingly, depending on how far from home is the subscriber and the network's operator used the services of, we can distinguish three types of roaming: on-network, national and international.

With international roaming, everything is clear: the person leaves the country, goes into the network of the foreign operator, for which paying the extra money. In this article we will focus on in-network and national roaming. "The essence of intranet roaming is that when you move across the country the network is not changing, but changing tariffs, and, in fact, for the same services, the operator takes more money, says associate Professor of the Department of legal regulation of economic activities, Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Karpukhin. — National roaming arises in a situation when the territory of residence of the subscriber is missing a network coverage of the operator, the phone is registered to another network and fare increases".

it is Logical to assume that it is easier to cancel intra network roaming, because in this case the operator does not have to negotiate with anyone and no one to pay. National roaming is more complicated, although the operators are also required to cancel in the near future.

"Operators have started to cancel intra network roaming are still in 2018 — says the lawyer of law group "Yakovlev and partners" Fedor Zhukov. — With effect from June 1, 2019 amendments to the articles 46 and 54 of the Federal law "On communications" charges for national roaming is also off." So, on June 1, the domestic roaming would be outlawed. And what now?

the Unlucky 10%

In the "people's rating" of mobile operators complained a user with the nickname of tomasevich. He said that during the may holidays went to the Kaluga oblast, there was used the mobile Internet and eventually received from MGTS account in the amount of 3 thousand rubles. Call the subscription service operator, he learned that his rate SMART mini — archive, and it conditions the abolition of roaming charges do not apply.

"on September 1, 2017 MGTS cancelled national roaming tariffs for all mobile phones — says the head of the press service of MGTS Tatiana Martyanov. — If the subscriber has connected to before that date, that is, its rate was automatically archived, he had to connect options "at home Everywhere SMART" not to pay for roaming. In this review the subscriber to use just archival rate and connect the free option, so outside the home region, it was carried further correct accrual." Also, the press service said that subscribers who need to communicate without roaming in trips to Russia to connect an additional option, about 10%. A lot! On the background of good news subscriber has not attended the verification of information in its tariff and was in those "unlucky 10%". It's a shame!

Grocery widget

by the Way, I wonder, where did this discrimination according to the archival principle? "The regulator has defined the period of execution of the decision of FAS on the abolition of intra-network and national roaming, — says commercial Director of "Tele2 Moscow" Anton Kondratov. — Complexity in this issue is the fact that operators regularly aktualisierte tariff plans, and the old go to the archive. To make the updated settings associated with roaming, it is necessary to check each such rate and adjust it. It takes a lot of time." That is, the operator just not got around to archival tariff plans. Unfortunately, in this case, the money to the subscriber of no return.

Operators have to hurry, because already on 1 June of such cancellation will be illegal. So, very soon trip to Russia will not demand from customers additional costs? Or are there still pitfalls?

"the fact that the losses from the abolition of roaming operators can compensate for an increase in tariffs, connection of paid services, which are formally roaming will not be — warns Fyodor Zhukov. — So you'll have to prove that all of these additional burdens — payment for some hidden roaming charges. If you have these suspicions you need to complain to the FAS and Rospotrebnadzor money to recover in a General manner: to declare the operator a claim, if you refuse to seek a refund in court."

So if you are planning a visit to Russia in the next couple of weeks check the conditions of your tariff plan from the operator. And after June 1, pay attention to changes and innovations.

Cancel whether roaming in the Crimea?

the Crimea to mobile operators — region special. The fact is that because of the sanctions no Federal operator does not work there. So if you go to Crimea, it will automatically get into national roaming. The change of the situation after June 1?

"the Adopted amendments to the law "On communication" obliged to abolish roaming charges from June 1 in all Russian regions without exception, including in the Crimea", — says Dmitry Karpukhin. But until June 1, remained quite a bit, and operators are unlikely to have time to do it.

Anton Kondrashov argues that the Crimean operators of the "big four" have a roaming agreement, but their terms are hardly profitable. So the connection to subscribers is more expensive. Perhaps, after the proposals of the regulator to cancel the roaming situation in the Crimea will change for the better.

According to Fedor Zhukov, it is possible that in relation to the Crimea, the rules can be changed later, or will be a transition period, either for violations will be for some time to close my eyes.

well, let's monitor the situation and wait what will the regulator.